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Post Graduate Diploma In Taxation
One year Part Time Evening Course
Objective :

The program is aimed at-

  • To develop a knowledge and understanding the skill in taxation.
  • To train the students in the process of ascertaining taxable income tax planning, ax procedure & tax management.
  • To familiarize the students in tax accounting, tax software and tax collection methods and procedures.
Admission Procedure
Admission will be based on merit and on First come - First serve basis
Eligibility Criteria
Candidate must be a graduate of any faculty either of this University or any other university is eligible for seeking admission to this Diploma.
The examination shall be held at the end of every academic year on the dates to be announced by University. It will carry 600 marks in aggregate. For courses / papers I to V will be carry 100 marks each and for course VI , project report will carry 100 marks, out of 100 marks 75 marks for project and 25 marks for viva-voice. Viva-Voice will be conducted by respective college.
Standard And Grades Of Passing
The standard of passing for the Diploma in Taxation - 50% marks in each paper. the candidate obtaining marks between:-
a) 50% to 54% - II Class
b) 55% to 59% - Higher II Class.
c) 60% to 69% - I Class
d) 70% and above - I Class with Distinction.
Course Structure
1.Financial Accounting
2.Direct Taxes-Structure and Procedure
3.Direct Taxes-Structure and Procedure
4.Indirect Taxes-Structure and Procedure
5.Auditing and structure and Procedure
6. Project Work
Admission Open
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