Books for CBSE 12th Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology

Books for CBSE 12th Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology

Preparing for 12th Boards CBSE Science Exam?

In the Science stream, all subjects are the constant source of anxiety among students. However, correct preparation strategy and timely intervention can bring desired results without having much stress. At least a month should be reserve for revision of all the concepts. Here is the list of CBSE Class 12 books for Science students should refer to secure good marks in the examinations.

CBSE 12th Science Books 2021 (Subject-wise)

All the students appearing for the CBSE Class 12th Science board examinations must cover the entire syllabus to score maximum marks and get admitted to the best college. In this article, we have explained subject-wise preparation books for CBSE Class 12 Science stream helping you in scoring well in your board exams! All you need is the correct preparation strategy, and timely intervention can bring desired results.

Here is the list of books suggested for the CBSE Class 12 science exam subjects wise:

Preparing well for CBSE 12th examinations will help students for the upcoming competitive exams like NEET, JEE Mains, etc. Students must go through the Science syllabus and exam pattern for all subjects. Segregate the chapter and plan your days for covering each topic thoroughly. Get all the doubts cleared by the teachers and peers. Solve CBSE sample papers 2021 and previous year paper to know the kind of questions that have a chance to come.

Here is the list of textbooks for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Hindi, and English, covering everything from the base to a higher level.

1. CBSE 12th Science: Books for Physics

After getting the syllabus and exam pattern, students need to choose a book to start their studies. As per CBSE Class 12 Physics preparation tips, students must begin with NCERT books to grasp the concepts. After that, you can move on to other Reference books to gain more additional information.

Here is the list of books suggested for the CBSE Class12 Physics subject:

Sr. No Book Name Author Description
1. NCERT Class 12 Physics Textbook NA Textbook that consists of curriculum required by the 12th students.
2.  Concept of Physics HC Verma Exceptional reference book that covers various areas of physics and is helpful even after 12th science.


2. CBSE 12th Science: Books for Chemistry

In this article, we are providing you with the best books for your 12th Chemistry exam. NCERT books are considered the standard books for 12th board preparation, and reference books are the most preferred study material for various competitive examinations related to the engineering and medical field. These textbooks are the compilation of chapters written by the best authors of chemistry that gives you a better knowledge of the basic principles of chemistry.

Here is the list of books suggested for the CBSE Class12 Chemistry subject:

Sr. No Book Name Author Description
1. Pradeep’s New Course Chemistry for Class 12 S.C. Kheterpal, S.N. Dhawan, P.N. Kapil The book has a good hold on the trends and exceptions in chemistry.
2. Modern’s ABC of Chemistry Class – 12th S. P. Jauhar This book covers the important concepts right from the basics and simplifies them.
3. Concise Inorganic Chemistry J. D. Lee  This book especially consists of essential sections of inorganic chemistry.
4. Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations R.C. Mukherjee


3. CBSE 12th Science: Books for Mathematics

We have a list of textbooks for Mathematics that is widely popular and known to explain even complicated topics in a lucid and easy-to-understand way. These books are also helpful in the preparation of various competitive examinations. Hence, Class 12 Mathematics marks are crucial, especially for the students who plan to take up Engineering or an upcoming Statistician.

Here is the list of books suggested for the CBSE Class 12 mathematics subject:

Sr. No Book Name Author Description
 01  Gupta Bansal’s Mathematics: Textbook for CBSE Class 12  Dr. V.K. Gupta This book includes thinking skills in each chapter for solving problems and applying them for quick solutions. It also contains previous year papers, exercises, and solved examples. A brief recap of important concepts is there at the end of each chapter.
 02  Senior Secondary Mathematics for Class 12 Examination  R.S. Aggarwal  This book gives special attention to the gradation of problems. The book has a set of solved examples along with a comprehensive exercise section at the end.
 03  CBSE Mathematics Chapter-wise solved papers 2019-2010 for Class 12  Arihant Experts  This book is as per the latest exam pattern. The book has 13 chapters and each chapter will have 10 years’ questions and 03 sets of sample papers.


4. CBSE 12th Science: Books for Biology

Through this article, you’ll get a closer insight into books to read for CBSE class 12 Biology examinations. Plan your preparations smartly with NCERT 12th Biology books and get your concept clear for various competitive examinations like NEET, UPCPMT, etc. The level of questions asked in the biology section is quite challenging. So builds your foundation strong with our suggested books.

Here is the list of books suggested for the CBSE Class12 Biology subject:

Sr. No Book Name Author Description
1. Biology: S Chand Publishing  BP Pandey The book is an excellent reference resource for the biology students.
2. Pradeep’s ‘A Textbook for Biology’  NA  It is a whole guide that explains various basic concepts.
3. NCERT Class 12 Biology Textbook  NA  The textbook covers the required curriculum for the 12th biology students.


5. CBSE 12th Science: Books for Hindi

Subject experts advise students to prepare the Aaroh Part-1 (आरोह भाग-1), Aaroh Part-2 (आरोह भाग-2), Vitan Part-1 (वितान भाग-1), and Vitan Part-2 (वितान भाग-2) subject by studying from the NCERT books for Class 12 Hindi Core as NCERT books are the ultimate preparation tool for students.

These books are designed as per the CBSE Syllabus and recommend you to study from these books. Also, students can refer to NCERT Solutions for Hindi Core for chapter-wise important questions with detailed explanations. Here is the list of books suggested for the CBSE Class 12 Hindi subject:

Sr. No

Book Name


 01  Aaroh Part 1 Hindi (Core) आरोह भाग-1  NCERT
 02  Aaroh Part 2 Hindi (Core) आरोह भाग-2  NCERT
 03  Vitaan Part 1 Hindi (Core) वितान भाग-1  NCERT
04 Vitaan Part 2 Hindi (Core) वितान भाग-2 NCERT

6. CBSE 12th Science: Books for English

The English Book of Class 12th is divided into two parts, Prose and Poetry. The Prose portion covers various stories. On the other hand, Poetry covers rhythmic literature of different types. The NCERT keeps on updating the English books each year. We suggest these books which will guide students in their board exams. Here is the list of books suggested for the CBSE Class 12 English subject:

Sr. No

Book Name



 01  CBSE Chapterwise Solutions – English Core (Class 12) 3rd Edition (Paperback)  Megha Karnani This book has solved questions of the previous year’s papers. The book helps students to understand the marking scheme and master the concepts of English Core. Value-based questions are part of the book as a separate section to give an extra edge to the students.
 02  A Practical Guide to English Grammar (Paperback)  K. P. Thakur The book is simple to understand and a perfect guide for understanding the various aspects of the English language. It contains relevant examples for each topic, a wide range of grammar activities also. The book covers capitalization, punctuation, understanding parts of speech, spelling, handling, abbreviations, and words.
 03  Together with English Core: Together with English Core Assignment Booklet for Class XII (Set of 2 CBSE 12th commerce books) 22nd Edition (Paperback)  Rachna Jain, H N Sharma Hemant Bedi The book has two sections and covers reading, writing, literature, and practice questions. The first consists of Part A & Part B, and the second part contains Part C. This book provides guidelines on how to approach different kinds of questions in the exam and an additional assignment book for writing. This book covers the complete NCERT literature syllabus.
 04  Full Marks English Core Class 12 (Paperback)  Ravi Kumar Sharma The book provides study material for reading, writing, textbooks, and novels and has a summary of all the chapters, solved textual questions, additional solved questions based on the question paper. This book helps the students to answer the different types of questions confidently in the exam.


Download CBSE 12th Science Books

Are you a CBSE Class 12th science students looking to refer books online? Here is a list especially for you. Also, it is a well-known fact that NCERT books are the best resources for students appearing for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, etc.

Here are a few links you can click to download the CBSE Class 12th science books:

Sr. No


Download book

1 Physics

Click Here

2 Mathematics

Click Here

3 Biology

Click Here

4 Chemistry

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What Next After CBSE 12th Science?

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