What is the Future Scope of BBA Degree in India & Abroad?

Future Scope of BBA Degree

Future Scope Of BBA Degree

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is considered by many as the degree of the future. It is a professional degree that is rising in popularity among students who want to make a career in management right after their 12th standard exams. This degree is also apt for students who want to pursue management studies after graduation. With a BBA degree, they already have a strong base in management studies and they fare better than students who are not from a management background.

Beyond just education, the BBA degree has a lot of scope when it comes to careers. This is one of the few degrees where students can get high-paying jobs in management and administration right after graduation. The country’s economy is growing, and many new companies are coming up. Not all companies can afford highly experienced MBA managers. So, these companies give opportunities to BBA degree holders who can be just as good as an MBA qualified manager.

Many students are also forgoing the trend of joining disciplines like science, commerce, and arts. They are joining specialized disciplines like BBA which are directly aimed at careers they want. Today’s students tend to know what education and career they want right from the start, and this is one of the reasons why the future scope of the BBA degree is bright.

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Future Scope of BBA Degree in India

India has one of the largest student populations in the world. Therefore, education is always a hot topic in the country. Currently, the BBA degree is gaining momentum amongst students. There was a time when only a few private colleges and institutes were offering this degree, but now, almost every major university in India is offering BBA. Therefore, it has become even more accessible. Companies also actively look for BBA graduates and offer them a good salary and benefits. Here are some more trendy things about the BBA degree in India.


1. Professional –

The BBA degree is as professional as it gets. Students are expected to do well from the get-go. The degree not only provides you with education, but it also prepares you for a job. Learning something, and being able to do it for a living are two different things, and the BBA degree prepares you for it.

Here are some more professional aspects of BBA:

  • The course has been designed by industry professionals who come from high ranking positions and have studied from the best universities.
  • The BBA course is regularly updated to incorporate the latest in the business world.
  • You get to choose specialisations early on, in which you are most likely to further study or pursue a career.
  • Your chances of getting a job right after graduation are a lot higher as compared to other degrees.


2. Personal Development –

Rarely would you find an educational degree that also focuses on personal development. In other degree, you have to learn personal development on your own or by doing some courses. But after BBA, you will leave the college a more learned, and well-rounded individual, making you highly employable.

Here’s what a BBA degree course does for personal development:

  • One of the first things you get to work on is your confidence. If you want to get into management, you will have to become a good, confident leader.
  • Another skill you learn is working as a good team member. When you will be in a professional environment, a good team player will always be liked and appreciated.
  • In the course, you are also taught about body language. You will learn all about projecting positive energies and reading the person in front of you.
  • Email etiquette is another thing you learn. When you are in the professional world, email is the main form of communication. The BBA course also teaches you to be good in the written form of communication.
  • This course will also leave you a knowledgeable person. It requires you to stay updated on the current affairs of the world, and you will find yourself knowing a lot of information about what is happening in the world.


3. Strong Base for Postgraduate Studies –

Many students opt for postgraduate studies as a way to advance their careers. After a BBA, you can do an MBA, PGDM, MMS, and other such management postgraduate courses. Thanks to the previously done BBA, you will excel in these courses. And here are some reasons why.

  • The BBA course lays a strong foundation in management studies. You learn about the fundamentals that you will study in-depth in post-graduation.
  • During your BBA, you also get to choose a specialisation that you can choose to pursue in your higher studies and make a career in that specialisation.
  • You grasp the concepts much faster than students who don’t come from a management background. This means you are poised to do well in the course.
  • 3 years in graduation and a further 2-3 years in post graduations will make you an expert in the subject of management.


4. On-Trend Education –

It is important that the course you do is on-trend, and incorporates all the latest developments. This is the advantage of a BBA degree. It is one of the most advanced bachelor’s courses, and its importance is only growing.

Other reasons why this subject is trendy because:-

  • BBA course is like a precursor to management studies, and hence, it is updated regularly to incorporate major developments in the business world.
  • BBA is also a course that incorporates technology. Technology is changing many industries, and those who are unable to adapt are left in the dust. This won’t happen with BBA graduates.
  • Students are opting for this course over others, as one can trust their judgment as they choose courses that will make their careers.
  • Education industry experts have also predicted BBA and other management-related bachelor’s courses to become as popular as science, arts, and commerce.


5. Career Opportunities –

The career opportunities the BBA degrees is one of the reasons why students are pursuing it, and my parents are also happy with their choice. This degree leads to a great career in management or administration. But that’s not all regarding career opportunities, the BBA degree is helpful in the following ways:-

  • Management is required in all industries, so you have a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing a career. You can choose what you love.
  • Though you may not immediately start as a manager or administrator, with a BBA degree, you will be in a position that leads to these roles.
  • In the degree, you are also taught to negotiate for a good salary. So, whatever position you are, you will be able to secure a good salary.
  • A BBA also opens doors for you to have careers abroad. If you have dreamt of working overseas, you can choose international business as your specialisation, and be poised to work abroad and earn big.



 Future Scope of BBA Degree Abroad

As mentioned earlier, a BBA degree is a fantastic way to make a career overseas as this degree has a lot of value in the developed countries. It will open a world of opportunities for you. Management is one of the most respected professions in developed countries, and this degree will certainly get you that position. With college education being expensive, and students opting for alternative careers, there is a scarcity of good managers, and you can fulfill their needs with a BBA degree.

Let’s look at how else a BBA degree will bring you value abroad.

1. Education –

As mentioned before, management education is expensive abroad, so there are not many BBA graduates. Now, you may wonder how the degree in India will have value abroad. The truth is your BBA degree is similar to what they teach in most parts of the world. In it, you learn things like:-

  • Taxation rules and regulations of various countries. Taxation can be a tedious subject for many, but in a BBA, you will learn it well and become an expert.
  • Accounting practices are also different in different countries, but the fundamentals remain the same and you will be taught these fundamentals in the degree.
  • You can actually choose specialisations that will help you become eligible to get a job overseas. International business is the most common one. This subject prepares you to understand and operate international businesses.

2. International Careers –

Who doesn’t want to work in international companies, jet-setting across the world, and working in beautiful, new locations. This is what awaits you with a BBA degree that will make you eligible for working abroad. So, what are these careers? Here are some main industries where you can find a job abroad with a BBA.

  • The import & export industries hire a lot of management graduates to manage operations and other aspects. The whole business is dependent on international trade.
  • Outsourcing is all about sending work into a location that reduces the costs of the whole operation. BBA graduates can get work in this industry and get a chance to work in outsourcing locations.
  • BBA graduates can also find work in the trade of goods and services. This is one of the fastest-growing industries.


3. Analytical Tools –

International business is one of the most receptive industries regarding technological advancement. Analytics is a huge part of this advancement. If your BBA degree includes the use of analytics tools and accounting and taxation software, you will get a chance to work abroad. But how?

  • Businesses are getting automated and technology will change many industries. If you are part of this change, you can find work in a good international location.
  • Analytics and software reduce costs, but they may also reduce employment. But the person adept at analytics and software will not lose their job.
  • To deploy these tools and software, you need not be in the same location, but for staff training, you will be travelling across many overseas locations.

4. Talent Acquisition –

Some of the biggest countries in the West are happy to acquire foreign talent. However, they do look for good qualifications, and BBA graduates are quite sought after by these companies.

  • Since the BBA education in India is on par with foreign universities, they happily hire talented graduates from India.
  • There is a dearth for management graduates in these countries, whereas, there is a surplus of management graduates in India and China.
  • Talent from overseas comes with a fresh perspective and new ideas. They also provide insight to the companies in newer markets and business areas, thus bringing opportunities to grow.
  • Outsourcing management is also on the rise, and companies prefer it as they save up a lot on costs and taxes operating in their own company.


5. Globalisation –

Globalisation is the future. Thanks to easy travel and communication, the world has become a smaller place. Globalisation is one of the reasons why BBA has scope overseas. So, how will globalisation help BBA graduates?

  • Overseas jobs would be much more available to BBA graduates. A few decades ago, you needed a lot of good luck and pull to be able to land a job overseas, or you had to go and study in that country. But not anymore.
  • Globalisation is also increasing the quality of education. Thanks to exposure to international markets and international universities, the courses in the country have improved and have become on par with international standards.
  • Globalisation has also increased job opportunities for BBA graduates in the country. Thanks to the opening of our markets, the biggest companies in the world have businesses in India, and they hire the most management graduates.


Key Takeaway

BBA is easily one of the best courses to do after 12th. It will put you on the correct path towards the right career and financial success. It will also improve you as a person, making you smarter and more confident. Not many undergrad courses out there that can do that for you. So, choose to do a BBA degree, and be ready to have a fantastic learning experience and career (maybe abroad).

Doing the BBA course from the right college is just as important as anything else. To know more about our BBA course, and what it can do for your career, get in touch with our counsellors at the earliest. They will guide you well.

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