List of CBSE 12th Books: Art Stream (Subject Wise)

List of CBSE 12th Books

Students interested in pursuing fields like teaching, creative writing, mass communication, journalism, diplomacy and counselling take up the Arts or Humanities Stream in Class 12. This is common for all the three main boards – ICSE, CBSE and the different States.

Preparing for CBSE Class 12 Boards – Arts Exam?

To begin with, CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education. The Class 12 board exams are conducted every year. The main subjects for CBSE’s Arts stream, apart from the compulsory English and Hindi, are —History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Geography and Psychology. The board also offers a list of Core/Elective subjects. Schools are allowed to pick from these subjects for the I & II group.

The board now has separate formats for the online and offline exam patterns. The online format is divided into two terms. While Term 1 will take place in November-December, Term 2 is scheduled for March-April, 2022. The examination pattern also differs for both formats. While the online test will comprise Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ), the offline format pattern will have case-based and situation-based questions. These will be divided into short and long answer types.

Books for CBSE Class 12 (Arts)

The CBSE Class 12 Arts Syllabus exam format includes both Theoretical and Practical exams. While the exam is scored out of 100, it is divided between both formats. This weightage depends on the subject.

Class 12 Arts Books List for Core Subjects

The core subjects included in the standard syllabus for Class 12 (Arts) are English, Economics, History, Geography, Sociology and Psychology.

1. Books for History

Here is the list of books suggested for CBSE Class 12 History:

Sr. No Book Name Author Description
1. Themes in Indian History I  NCERT The book covers the period from Harappan Civilization to the Bhakti-Sufi movement.
2. Themes in Indian History II  NCERT The book covers the period from the 10th century to the 17th century.


2. Books for Political Science

Here is the list of books suggested for CBSE Class 12 Political Science:

Sr. No Book Name Author Description
1. Contemporary World Politics NCERT The book covers world events like the Cold War, End of Bipolarity, US Hegemony and Globalization.
2. Political Science II NCERT The book covers topics like Nation Building, India’s External Relations, the Congress System and Recent Developments in Indian Politics.


3. Books for Sociology

Here is the list of books suggested for CBSE Class 12 Sociology:

Sr. No Book Name Author Description
1. Indian Society NCERT The topics covered in this book are aspects of Indian society, social institutions, social inequality and challenges of cultural diversity.
2. Social Change & Development in India NCERT The book deals with structural and cultural changes, Indian democracy, globalization, mass media and social movements.


4. Books for Economics

Here is the list of books suggested for CBSE Class 12 Economics:

Sr. No Book Name Author Description
1. Introductory Microeconomics NCERT Topics covered include an introduction to concepts of economy, theory of consumer behaviour, production and costs.
2. Introductory Macroeconomics NCERT Topics covered include the emergence of macroeconomics, the flow of income, calculating national income, money and banking, budget and economy, and open economy.


5. Books for Geography & Psychology

Here is the list of books suggested for CBSE Class 12 Geography & Psychology:

Sr. No Book Name Author Description

Fundamentals of Human Geography

NCERT Topics covered include Human Geography, Population and Human Settlements
2. Practical Work in Geography NCERT Book tests practical abilities in topics like data source and compilation, data processing, and spatial information technology
3. Psychology NCERT Book explores variations in psychological attributes, life challenges, psychological skills


Other subjects that can be included in the Arts Stream

Apart from the core subjects, CBSE students can choose two languages from options that include Indian and foreign languages. They also need to opt for three electives. The students are also evaluated based on their scores in the General Studies exam, and physical and health education.

The subjects that are commonly included in the Class 12 Arts stream are Home Science, Fine Arts, Fashion Studies, Creative Writing and Philosophy. Schools are allowed to choose from among these subjects.

1. Books for Home Science

The CBSE Class 12 Home Science paper is a 100-marks paper with 70 marks for the theory exam and the rest for practical. The subject of home science has gained importance because of its increased relevance in the evolving job market and universities coming up with specializations.

Here is the list of books suggested for CBSE Class 12 Home Science:

Sr. No Book Name Author Description
 Human Ecology & Family Sciences Part I  NCERT  

The topics covered in this book include Human Development and Family Studies, Fabric and Apparel, Resource Management, and Communication and Extension.

 Human Ecology & Family Sciences Part II  NCERT The topics covered include livelihood and career, nutrition, public health and management of development programmes.


2. Book for Fine Arts

The fine arts course material includes chapters on painting, graphics, sculpture and applied art-commercial art. Fine arts is the study of aesthetics, history of arts, graphic designing, ceramic and moulds.

Here is the list of books suggested for CBSE Class 12 Fine Arts:

Sr. No Book Name Author Description
Towards a New Age Graphic Design  NCERT Topics covered include design practices, principles and elements of design, media and design


3. Book for Fashion Studies

The CBSE course on Fashion Studies deals with the process of designing and production of fashion apparel. It will teach students about the history of fashion and impart training in vocational skills.

Here is the list of books suggested for CBSE Class 12 Fashion Studies:

Sr. No Book Name Author Description
Fashion Studies  NCERT  

Topics covered include History of Fashion, Elements of Fashion, Basics of Garment Making.


4. Book for Creative Writing

Creative writing is the art of curating content for purposes other than academic or journalistic. This form of writing is needed for creating marketing material. This 100-mark paper is divided into 4 parts – Reading and Comprehension, Creative Writing & Translation, Textual, and Portfolio Assessment.

Here is the list of books suggested for CBSE Class 12 Creative Writing:

Sr. No Book Name Author Description
Creative Writing & Translation  NCERT Topics covered include conceptual understanding, decoding, interpreting, appreciating and summarizing.


5. Book for Philosophy

The CBSE course in philosophy helps students understand the different concepts like science and hypothesis, elements of symbolic logic and Buddhist formal logic. This is a 100-marks paper and the score for each question ranges from 10-15 marks.

Here is the list of books suggested for CBSE Class 12 Philosophy:

Sr. No Book Name Author Description
A Text Book of Philosophy (Part-I)  NCERT The broad topics covered in this book are Scientific Method and Logic.

What next after CBSE 12 Art?

Students who have cleared their higher secondary examination in the Arts or humanities stream can explore specialized courses in graduation. There are several career options for Arts students.

Students who have cleared CBSE (Arts) can pursue the following Bachelor degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design
  • Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication
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