BBA Integrated Course: All You Need to Know

BBA Integrated Course

If you are serious about having a high-paying career in the field of management, you should consider doing the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree course. It is considered to be one of the most popular undergraduate courses that will put you on the fast-track to having a great career. But is just a degree enough?

It’s a competitive world out there. Innovation and technology are driving most businesses to new directions. Therefore, your education also needs to catch up with these new directions. The BBA, though excellent, needs something more to prepare you for the present and future industry. That’s why you need a BBA integrated course.


What is A BBA Integrated Course?

A BBA integrated course is a course supplemented by additional industry- oriented courses. The best colleges and B-schools have realised that just a bachelor’s education is not enough. The industry is seeing technology and innovation daily and educational courses need to take these into account. Therefore, along with the degree, students also get to learn certificate courses in subjects like digital marketing, analytics, and industrial accounting, to help them become better professionals.

These courses incorporate the use of technology to get insightful accounting, measurable, results-driven marketing and sales activities, and make business decisions powered by accurate predictive analysis. These courses have become so important that professionals working in the industry today are doing these courses while on the job. So, isn’t it better if students get to become experts in these courses while doing their graduation. Hence, a BBA integrated course is the way to go.


Different Types of Popular Integrated Courses

Multiple integrated courses are changing business for the better. These courses are not difficult to understand and master, and will increase knowledge and technical competence.

Here are a few top and most popular integrated courses along with BBA degree:

1. Digital Marketing

Also known as online marketing, digital marketing is marketing and advertising done through the digital medium. This is one of the most affordable forms of marketing and has a massive reach. With most people having access to smartphones and the internet, digital marketing is only going to get stronger in the future and may even replace traditional, more expensive forms of marketing. Some of the main advantages of digital marketing are that you can target audiences more accurately, manage budgets, and get measurable data.

Some of the marketing methods under digital marketing are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in which traffic is driven towards a particular website, Social Media Optimization (SMO, in which potential customers are engaged through social media, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is about products and services marketed over social media, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is when products and services are marketed on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. We are living in a digitised world with technology penetrating every aspect of human life. So, digital marketing is the best way to reach people. With this course, BBA students will be equipped to leverage digital marketing when they become a part of the professional world.


2. Certified Industrial Accounting

BBA students are taught accounting during their course, but that is only enough for them to be competent in accounting. Accounting is the language of business. Hidden in the numbers is so much insightful data that can help make better decisions, negate risks, and save money. For this, you need to be a certified industrial accountant.

Look for an integrated BBA course that offers a certificate industrial accounting course offered by ICA. These courses deliver exactly what the market needs and teaches students the latest and important aspects of accounting like taxation, GST, TDS, advanced practical accounting, financial accounting, and business computer application. This course also teaches students to use the latest international-standard accounting software being used in the industry. Industrial accounting certification, along with other integrated courses, makes the BBA look better than a regular MBA. That’s the value of being a certified industrial accountant.


3. Business Analytics

Did you know that today all the major businesses in the world are making business decisions based on business analytics? Analytics is the use of vast amounts of raw data to get insightful processed data and statistics that will help you understand the business decisions of past and their impact, and help you develop predictive models for the future. Think of it as a crystal ball that lets you see the past, present, and future and helps you make decisions for the present to get the best future possible.

Business analytics is a game-changer in the truest sense. It helps businesses become better by having better operations strategies, better products and services, and better customer experience. Business analytics has become so important that many colleges and universities have begun developing bachelor’s and master’s degree courses just in the field of business analytics. Therefore, a BBA degree with this course will make you a sought-after professional.


4. Cloud & Mobile Computing

Most businesses are moving to the cloud. Cloud not only offers data storage but also provides additional services like computing and deployments solutions, data backup & restoration, and high-grade cybersecurity. Therefore, it only makes sense that all businesses are moving to the cloud. Therefore, the demand for a cloud expert is high, and if you know and understand cloud computing, you will be able to help your organisation leverage this technological advancement.

Did you know, the smartphone in your hand has more computing power than the computers that sent a man to the moon? Today’s modern mobile computing technology can also be harnessed for business analytics, accounting, marketing, and more to create business value. Therefore, a course in mobile computing is just as important as cloud computing. And together, these courses will add great value to your BBA degree.


Benefits of Integrated Courses

BBA With Industry Oriented Integrated Courses

The BBA degree is already excellent, so why the need for integrated courses? These courses bring many benefits. Some of these benefits are:

1. Industry-relevant Knowledge – Integrated courses are created keeping in mind the needs of the industry, so students are taught industry-relevant education and are equipped to contribute the moment they enter the professional world.

2. Latest Technology – Most integrated courses are technology-based and technologically advanced. Whatever is the latest development quickly gets integrated into the course. Therefore, students become tech-savvy through these courses.

3. Better Job Opportunities – These integrated courses are so high in demand that any candidate with certification in them gets hired over other candidates. Recruiters actively look for candidates who know digital marketing, industrial accounting, cloud computing, and business analytics.

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Getting an education is not just about being eligible for a career, it should be about getting knowledge, education, experience, and skills that will last you a lifetime and get you a career with high-pay and ample opportunities to grow. And for this, you need a BBA integrated course. Therefore, rather than just a regular BBA, go for a BBA with integrated courses to be a well-rounded, knowledgeable professional ready to face any challenges.

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