BBA International Business Course: Eligibility, Fees, Jobs, Subjects & More

BBA International Business Course: Eligibility, Fees, Jobs

Due to the increase in globalization, markets across the world have become easily accessible. Hence, multiple businesses are focusing their recruitment efforts towards other countries to expand their talent pool.

This has given rise to the multiple courses and degrees that help individuals prepare themselves to compete in the international job market. One such course is the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) International Business.

Aimed at individuals who are aspiring to become global business administrators, a BBA IB course prepared students to implement strong business practices around the globe. In simple terms, this course helps students understand how to effectively carry out cross-border trade/transaction of goods and services. Additionally, students are also provided with knowledge and given an opportunity to enhance their skills in capital management, technology, human resources, and many more.

In this article, we will cover multiple aspects of the BBA IB course, including eligibility, fees, career opportunities, and more.

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What Does The BBA IB Course Entail?

A three-year course, the curriculum for BBA IB is designed especially for helping eligible candidates develop and harness requisite skills to create and manage global companies. Hence, the program covers various aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Understanding the business and cultural concepts for carrying out international business
  • Components involved beyond the export and import of goods and services
  • Understanding the cross-border input-procurement, including raw materials, financial services, technology, and even human resources
  • Analyze the best practices followed by global competitors


BBA IB: Course Highlights

The BBA IB course helps students not only understand the theoretical aspects of international business, but also helps them build practical skills and knowledge to ensure they are ready to be part of the global business world as soon as they graduate. There are certain specifications related to this course, which we have listed below:


The Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business) is a three-year professional degree programme, aimed at students who have passed 10+2, and are looking to understand the various theoretical and practical aspects of international business.

Due to industrial liberalization and globalization, there has been a rise in the number of students opting for this course as there are multiple opportunities in the global market.



To apply to the Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business) course, you should pass 12th STD. examination (H.S.C. 10+2), with a minimum of 40%, from any stream, with English as a compulsory subject. Candidates awaiting their 10+2 examination’s results are also eligible to apply on provisional basis.


Average Course Fee

On average, the fee for the Bachelor of Business Administration (IB) course ranges from INR 5,000 to 5 Lacs. However, the amount varies depending on the college you apply to, along with the facilities and added benefits, like internships, placement tie-ups, etc., it offers.


Admission Process

To apply for the BBA IB course, an eligible candidate can visit the college or apply online as well. They will need to pass a Common Entrance Test and in some cases will need to attend a personal interview conducted by the college as well.

Upon selection, the candidate will have to submit all relevant documentation, including the mark sheets for 10th and 12th. Once the documents are vetted, the student will be provided with a stipulated date for admission.


Top Industries

After completing the BBA IB course, you will have multiple options across various industries to build a career in. Some of the most popular industries that provide high benefits are:

  • Logistic Companies
  • Export Houses
  • Custom Clearing Houses
  • Merchandisers
  • Special Economic Zones
  • Ports
  • Dry Ports
  • State Trading Corporations
  • Transportation Corporations Marine Insurance Companies
  • Directorate General Of Foreign Trade
  • Shipping Companies/Corporations
  • IT companies
  • Banks


Top Recruiters 

Some of the top recruiters associated include:

  • Datasoft Technologies
  • AGS
  • Bitwise


Average Salary Range   

Companies are always on the lookout for talented professionals who can help lead their business on a successful path. Hence, with multiple job opportunities, the salary and benefits are huge as well. According to PayScale, the average salary of employees who have completed the BBA IB course and working in the international business sector is between $42k – $196k. The salary entirely depends on the field you are in and the role you’re working in.


Career Opportunities After BBA IB

As there is no limit to the number of industries you can build your career in, there is surely no shortage in the multiple career opportunities available to you. Mentioned below are some of the job roles you can consider applying to after completing the BBA IB course:

  • International Human Resources Manager
  • International Training Manager
  • International Operations Manager
  • Global Distribution Manager
  • Accountants Executive
  • Assistants International Marketing Manager
  • International Trade Manager
  • International Sales Representative
  • Import/Export Agent


Why You Should Consider BBA IB

Why BBA IB A Good Career Option

With the increase in globalization and demand for new talent, there are multiple benefits of pursuing the BBA IB course, some of which are:

1. Understand the International Market 

The course involves learning about new cultures and understanding the challenges that businesses face while carrying out business operations globally. Additionally, you will also be taught about international boundaries, rules and regulations of international trade, and global economics. Hence, you will be prepared to deal with these challenges when you start a job. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds, which will help you understand how to work effectively with people from different countries.

2. Enhance Management Skills 

Regardless of which niche you choose to enter into the business world, you must have sound and strong management skills to ensure you can get work done effectively while solving challenges and making smart decisions. During the BBA IB course, some of the skills that you will gain exposure to are:

  • Efficient Leadership
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Delegation
  • Problem-Solving
  • Decision-Making
  • Organisation
  • Presentation
  • Reporting

3. Enhance Your Employability 

As the BBA IB course is extensive, it covers a range of various topics and gives you the opportunity to develop and harness multiple skills, which are highly valued in international companies. This gives you the added benefit and edge over your competition while applying for a job, as your knowledge makes you a desired candidate.

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With diminishing borders across the globe, there are great employment opportunities for individuals looking for employment or even self-employment in international businesses. Hence, by completing the BBA IB course, not only will you get enhanced knowledge about how the international business sector works, but also will boost your employability.


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