BBA Subjects: All You Need to Know

BBA Subjects List

BBA Subjects

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree is a professional undergraduate course for students who want to pursue higher education and careers in management. So, if you too are considering doing this course, you are making a smart choice as the BBA degree course is highly rated.

But before you start preparing for the course, you should get all the information you can on the course. It will help you decide if the course is right for you because you will be investing time and money.

To know all about the BBA course, check out the following comprehensive article A Guide to BBA Course: Eligibility, Admission, Fees, Scope, Career , In the following blog, you will find information on all the subjects in the BBA course.


List of the BBA Syllabus & Subjects:

Knowing about the subjects in a course is a great way to understand the course. It will also help you judge if the course is for you. The following are the subjects in BBA:

1. Principles of Management – Any professional industry is based upon a few sound principles. Management is no different. In this subject, students learn about the base principles of management and how to apply these principles to run an organisation. Students also learn about the aim of principles of management.

2. Business Mathematics & Statistics – Business mathematics and statistics is about mathematical and statistical models used in business. The mathematical portion of this subject is calculus. This subject is useful accounting, financial analysis, sales, and inventory management.

3. Introduction to Operations Research – This is an introductory subject to Operations Research (OR). OR is an important subject that is about improving operations efficiency through the application of theories, mathematics, solutions models, and simulations.

4. Business Economics – Business economics subjects take you deep into economics and teach you about the various aspects of economics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, business statistics, international business, and financial accounting.

5. Financial & Management Accounting – This subject covers financial accounting and management accounting. There are fundamental differences in both types of accounting and you learn about these differences and how to use these accounting practices for management.

6. Production & Material Management – This subject is for those students who want to make a management career in the manufacturing industry. This subject teaches students about planning, organising, and executing production operations and managing the materials involved in the production.

7. Personnel Management & Industry Relations – This subject is about issues regarding employment and what part does the middle and senior management play in this. Managing labour, settling disputes, creating safe work environments, adhering to good labour practices, etc. are covered in this subject. This subject is HR-oriented.

8. Marketing Management – Marketing is an important subject in management, and marketing management teaches students all about marketing products and services. They are taught how to create marketing strategies and their execution, and the impact marketing has on a business.

9. Business Data Processing – Every aspect of business can be broken down into data. Everything generates data, but you cannot leverage data unless it is processed the right way. Business data processing subject is about the process and use of data through various methods including analytics.

10. Business Laws – Business laws are laws to whom all businesses and commercial entities in the country have to adhere to. In this subject, you learn all about the business laws in the country regarding the company, agency, contract, partnership, and bankruptcy. This subject is also goes by the name Mercantile Law.

11. Introduction to Psychology – This subject is the introductory subject to the study of psychology. In this subject, you will learn all the basic factors that constitute the psychology of a human being like logic, behaviour, commence sense, and cognitive processes. You are also taught about the terminologies of psychology.

12. Business Analytics – The use of business analytics software is growing by the day. This subject covers the use of business analytics to improve business operations. The analytics models use past and present data to show insightful data to improve business performance. This is an important futuristic subject.

13. Introduction to Sociology – This introductory subject is aimed at teaching you the various aspects involved in human society. You are taught about the social system of the country, social institutions, social change, and different social interactions and their implications.

14. Micro Economics – In microeconomics, you learn the economics that takes place on a micro-level. The subject consists the study of demand, supply market structures, allocation of resources, price theory, etc. It is an important subject if you want to pursue a career in management.

15. Organisational Behaviour – The organisational behaviour subject is all about human behaviours within an organisational structure. This subject aims to study how behaviour is different as an individual and how behaviour is different as a group and the reasons behind this difference.

16. Essentials of Marketing – As the name of the subject makes it clear, this subject is all about the essentials of marketing. You learn about the subject of marketing on a deeper level and all the various aspects involved in successful marketing activities. You will also learn about the different forms of marketing.

17. Corporate Strategic Management – Managers have to make strategies or manage their organisation, manage their resources, review competition, and increase sales and profits. This subject is all about creating those strategies, perfecting them, and implementing them.

18. Human Resource Management – Human resources management subject covers all the human resources activities that take place within an organisation. From recruitment of talent to ensure the happiness of the employees, this subject covers all the duties HR do in an organisation.

19. MIS / Systems Design – Information Technology (IT) systems are widely used across organisations. One of those systems is Management Information Systems (MIS). It is the job of the manager to know, understand, and use this system to make management decisions. This subject is all about the benefits of MIS.

20. Understanding Industry and Markets – To be able to successfully run and grow an organisation, managers need to know the industry and markets. This subject will help you understand all the aspects involved in various industries and markets. This subject will take you deep and help you understand the various complexities involved.

21. Leadership and Ethics – This subject teaches you all about leadership qualities in a manager through principles, models, and case studies. Ethics are also covered similarly and in the form of best practises. This is an important subject for all management students that will be taught in the latter semesters.

22. Strategy – Strategy creation and implementation are a big part of a manager’s job, so it is widely covered in this BBA subject. The subject teaches you how to create good business strategies, management strategies, HR strategies, and strategies for other important aspects of business administration.

23. Entrepreneurship – One of the biggest reasons why students choose to do BBA is to become entrepreneurs. This subject will teach you how to become an entrepreneur, what it takes to start your own business, the various aspects involved, and how to succeed. The subject has case studies for better understanding.

24. International Business Management – Business management on an international level is different. There are differences in functionalities and fundamentals. The international business management subject will teach you everything about international business and the important aspects involved in it.

25. Sales & Distribution Management – Sales and distribution are some of the key components for a business’s success. The sales & distribution subject in BBA covers increasing sales by creating complex distribution systems and how to expertly manage it all.

26. Commercial Bank Management – Commercial bank management is the study of the commercial aspects of banking like investments, lending, deposits, assets, securities, off-balance-sheet activities, etc. This subject is for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the banking industry.

27. Security Analysis – This subject is the study and analysis of security in investment markets. Through fundamentals, research, speculations, and theory, students are taught about security assessment before investing. Security analysis is about protecting investments while maintaining profitability.

28. Manufacture Planning and Control – The manufacturing business is not easy. There are so many steps and aspects involved. The manufacturing planning and control subject teach you how to plan and manage manufacturing activities in a product-based business.

29. Digital Marketing – Also known as online marketing, the subject of digital marketing will enlighten you on the rise of this form of marketing and how it will become the primary mode of marketing in the future. The subjects teach SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, and other forms of online marketing activities and how to use them.

30. Retail Management – In a retail business there are aspects like retail space, customers, employees, goods, sales, offers, etc. The retail management subject is about the successful management of these various aspects. The retail business is one of the most booming businesses in the country, making this an important and interesting subject.

31. E-Commerce – The E-commerce industry in India is already worth billions. This subject enlightens you on the industry and the various aspects involved like sales, marketing channels, distribution systems, technology, retail, warehousing, customer services, and more, through analysis and case studies.

32. Quantitative Methods – This subject involves mathematical and statistical models used to do surveys and data and use computational techniques to get insightful data on why a certain thing happens. This subject is important if you want to make a career in research and analysis.

33. Computer Applications – The subject of computer applications is all about the development of computer applications using computer programs that can be applied in business or everyday life. This subject also teaches you about the country’s growing IT industry.

34. Family Business Management – Many students joining BBA to become competent enough to manage their family business. This subject and specialisation is for them. The subject covers how to manage, sustain, and expand family businesses using modern management techniques.

35. Export/ Import Management – This subject covers the various technicalities, principles, and rules & regulations involved in the import & export business models. You learn how to tackle challenges, explore new opportunities, and grow import and export businesses.

36. PR Management – Public relations is one of the most important and upcoming industries. From government organisations to companies and celebrities, all use the services of PR. The PR management subject is all about the PR industry, how to create PR strategies, and how to create branding and awareness.

37. Project Management – In the professional world, managers have to execute projects. The project management subject is all about how to complete projects, manage the teams, take charge as a leader, and meet tight deadlines. All aspects of a project are covered in project management.

38. Financial & Commodity Derivatives – This subject enlightens you on the financial and commodities market and how to analyse and smartly invest in these markets. This subject is an in-depth study of these markets, so you can use the knowledge to gain insight and make a career in the financial industry.

39. Financial Modelling using Spreadsheets – This is a practical subject that teaches you financial modelling using excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are used for financial analysis by combining business models, accounts, and finance. There are many different combinations of financial models and you will learn about them all in this subject.

40. Industrial Relations and Labour Legislation – This subject covers all the basic concepts of industrial relations and labour legislation and helps you understand how to achieve good industrial and labour relations through theories, concepts, techniques, methods, and mechanisms.

41. Consumer Behaviour – One of the most complex things in business is understanding consumer behaviour, but the subject helps you understand the consumer behaviour of individuals and groups and how their buying decisions modify based on their preferences, emotions, and other external factors.



The above-mentioned are all the subjects found in most BBA courses across the country. Though you may not study all of them, now you have an idea of what to expect in the course and even have an idea of what specialisation you might want to pursue. The BBA course is one of the best courses to do after 12th as it puts you on the fast-track to a career in management and sets you up to do well in your higher education.

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