Best Career Options After BCA: What To Do After BCA?

Best Career Options After BCA

Best Career Options After BCA: What To Do After BCA

What To Do After BCA?

After the completion of BCA, there are numerous career options left for the aspirants. Bachelor in Computer Applications or BCA is a great career building course for computer and technology enthusiasts. With the degree, the students can choose among the many related areas to move forward with their career. This includes higher education, a job and entrepreneurship as well.

Career Options After BCA

Bachelor’s in Computer Applications is a foundation course that prepares the students for a career in various computer fields. There are numerous career options for these graduates. One can choose to pursue higher education in the same field to specialize and end up with a more providing job. Else, the student can also choose to look for a job right after the graduation. Aspiring entrepreneurs can also pursue their start-up ideas after successfully completing their BCA. Basically, there are multiple fulfilling career options for a BCA degree holder.

1. Higher Studies After BCA

One of the best options for BCA graduates is to pursue further in their interest. This will help them end up with a job that is more precise towards their interests. Apart from just Computer Applications, these graduates have multiple other options to pursue as masters. Some of these are as follows:

  • M. Sc in Computer Science

Computer science is about studying the algorithms and processes applied in computers and computational machines. It involves programming languages and other related aspects of computers.

  • M. Sc in Information Technology

Information technology or IT is a field that majorly deals with the use of computers for processes in business operations and other technologies. This includes personal and entertainment as well. IT is information and communications technology and a postgraduate course in IT opens up numerous career options.

  • M. Sc in Cyber Security

Cyber security professionals are responsible for the implementation of secure network solutions designed to defend against hackers, cyber-attacks, and other persistent threats. M.Sc in Cyber Security prepares the students precisely for these professional responsibilities.

  • M. Sc in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a trending branch of computer applications. The professionals in AI are responsible for building AI models by incorporating machine learning algorithms and neural networks. This is done to draw business insights and carry out other organizational requirements.

  • M. Sc in Creative Computing

This course in creative computing is a futuristic program which is a combination of creativity and computing for business. Creative computing covers areas such as software architecture, systems design, machine learning or cognitive science.

  • M. Sc in Computer Game Development

Under this course, the students are trained to become developers who can develop computer games. These games can range from offline, single player games to international, online, multiplayer games.

2. Self-Employment/ Business Prospects

After completing BCA, a start-up can be a great way to become your own boss. There are different kinds of businesses one can get into, or even just work for themselves. Working as a freelancer or doing something on their own with some investment, are good options for BCA graduates. Some of the fields that give this freedom include digital marketing, web development, mobile application development and others.

Another area the graduates can enter is of teaching. There sure is scope in private tuitions and one can develop a base for their future through the same as well. With this, one can be in control of the timings and the amount of work they want to do. There is flexibility in work allowing in efficient work ethic.

3. Jobs After BCA

As mentioned previously, BCA is a foundation course which can help lead a career in various related areas. A wide variety of job profiles can be seen when it comes to a career after BCA. Some of the most interesting ones are as follows:

Here are top job opportunities after BCA degree:

  • Data Scientist

The data scientists are the ones who use large sets of information and analyze it with the use of various mechanisms and validating the information. It uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data. Data science is also one of the well-paying fields.

  • Digital Marketer

Digital marketers are the ones who are responsible for the marketing and promotional campaigns on digital platforms. This includes optimization for search engines, marketing on social media platforms and other such activities. These marketers, possessing BCA, are trained before they are to work individually.

  • Product Manager

A product manager is responsible for all the major product or service related requirements. These requirements are imposed by existing as well as potential clients. The manager plans the priorities in the course of action for the execution and marketing of the product.

  • Cyber Security Expert

These professionals are the ones who are take over the responsibility of security of data and secure the information from any kind of data breach. The experts are also responsible for the secure transfer of information from company to clients. This job partly leans towards legal hacking and computer security.

  • Database Manager

These managers are the computer experts who are responsible for the company’s database and the confidential information on which the company runs. The database manager is also responsible for looking after the technical management, coordinating design and programming departments.

  • Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are responsible for the creative and innovative work. It is a sublet of digital marketing as well but there are several other areas in which these designers are required. Their job involves designing of the social media posts and elements of the website with the use of software applications such as Photoshop and Canva.


Why Consider Higher Studies After BCA?

Upon the completion of BCA, considering higher education is an ideal choice for many. There are multiple benefits that tag along when you have pursued a higher degree. Some of these advantages are listed as follows:

  • More rewarding career opportunities
  • Higher salary and quality of living
  • Better knowledge of the field
  • Higher preference as a job candidate
  • Brings about opportunities in teaching


Why Choose M. Sc. (Computer Science) After BCA?

Computer science is a field which forms the foundation of various computer and tech fields. Pursuing M.Sc in Computer Science after BCA can lead to numerous career opportunities. Jobs will available in the private sector and the government sector as well. The students can also change their previously chosen specialization and switch to data science, a computer language or even cyber security.

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Winding up, BCA is one of those basic yet significant courses that will form one’s foundation for a career in the said field. It provides various avenues in the same and related areas which is also why the students can access various specialization. BCA opens up a whole lot of career options in computer which stretch from private to government, domestic to global.

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