10 Career Opportunities After BBA

If you are considering doing the Bachelor of Business Administration degree course, the first thing on your mind would be, ‘what are the career opportunities’. BBA, being a professional degree course, brings many opportunities to the students. In fact, this degree brings more opportunities compared to other bachelor-level degree courses. In a BBA, you learn all about business, management, and administration. You also learn subjects like accounting, marketing, finance, and human resource management. In the course, you cover many subjects and skills, making you the desired candidate for potential employers. However, if you are still eager to know what lies ahead of you, here are 10 career opportunities after BBA.

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Top 10 Career Opportunities After BBA Degree:

1. Marketing

In the ever-growing field of marketing, BBA graduates can find work as marketing executives, which requires them to be on the field. You also need to be good at communication if you want to succeed as a marketing executive. This position comes with a lot of perks like commission on sales. If you do not want to do fieldwork, you can become a marketing planner. This position requires you to do market research and make marketing plans for products and services. There are other positions as well for BBA graduates like marketing analyst and market researcher. Do well in these positions and you can move up to the position of a marketing manager.

2. Advertising & PR

All businesses need advertising and PR management. These are some of the most thriving sectors in the industry. They work closely with marketers and align their strategies accordingly. BBA graduates can find jobs as account managers, customer relationship managers, public relations personnel, PR writers, and copywriters. The pay scale in advertising and PR firms is good, and the growth opportunities are plenty.

3. Human Resources

You need great people skills if you want to do well in HR. It is one of the most important departments in a company as they ensure the most important people in the company – the employees – are happy. BBA graduates can look to make careers as HR generalists, HR specialists, and HR recruiters. HR is an excellent industry to work in as the salary and benefits are good.

4. Banker

A job in a bank is one of the most stable professions in the country. With a BBA degree, you can be eligible to work in a bank as a probationary officer. You will need to fit their qualification criteria, which is not difficult, and clear their exams and interviews. Bankers make a good living, and it is one of the most sought-after professions, so with your BBA degree, you can go for this.

5. Insurance

Insurance is an ever-growing field, especially in a country like India where a majority of the population remains uninsured. BBA graduates can find a lot of important positions in the insurance industry and make a good living. Many international companies are operating in this sphere, and getting a job in such companies is a dream for many.

6. Entrepreneur

In a BBA course, you learn all about starting and managing a business. You can take this knowledge, and become an entrepreneur to start your own business. Your BBA degree will prepare you for all the hard work that comes with starting a business. You will also be equipped with knowledge of accounting, organizational structure, and marketing. When it comes to earnings, with your own business, the sky’s the limit. Many students get BBA degrees to join family businesses and grow them.

7. Civil Services

BBA students also use a BBA degree as a means to prepare for civil service exams like IAS, IPS, and UPSC. The knowledge gained and the personality developed during a BBA degree can be used to do well in these exams and the personal interviews that follow. After cracking these exams, you can get officer-level jobs working in important departments of the government. These jobs have high salaries and the most enviable benefits.

8. Chartered Accountant

The chartered accountant is the most popular profession for BBA graduates. Accountancy is an integral part of BBA, so your fundamentals are already prepared for the CA degree. CA is one of the most difficult professions to attain, and you have to put in a lot of effort. However, it is all worth it as CAs are some of the highest-earning professionals. You can find work in a professional CA firm, or after gaining ample experience, you can start your firm.

9. Company Secretary

Company secretary is one of the fastest rising professions in the country. A company secretary is in charge of corporate and organizational management. They also look after documentation and other important aspects of running an organization smoothly. Today, many professional company secretary firms offer their services to multiple companies. One can make an excellent living being a company secretary.

10. Study MBA

The MBA is the next step after completing BBA. Though BBA is a professional degree that prepares you to be a part of the professional world, with an additional MBA, you can go for specialized professions that excite you. Also, with an MBA, you will get a much higher salary than what you would’ve gotten with just a BBA.

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By doing BBA, you are giving yourself many career options and a chance to pursue something you truly love and would enjoy making a career in. However, it is also important to do your BBA from a good and reputed institute. So, apply for the top BBA colleges for better opportunities.

There are many more career opportunities for BBA graduates, and to know them all, get in touch with our counsellors for guidance.

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