Careers & Jobs Opportunities After Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation

Careers Opportunities After PGDT

The Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation has fast become one of the most popular postgraduate courses for students who have graduated in the commerce stream. Even students belonging to other professional disciplines like management, company secretary and chartered accountant also do a PGDT to gain more knowledge and make their resumes look better.

PGDT is a 1-year diploma course that makes you an expert indirect and direct taxes, accounting and auditing. Since taxation is an important part of any company, there’s a massive requirement for professionals with knowledge of taxes, finance, and accounting. If you have a finance or accounting-based degree, a PGDT can really spruce up your resume.

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PGDT is a beneficial course to do but what will it lead to? Before you get admission for the course, you should know about the career that stands ahead of you. This knowledge will make your decision to pursue a PGDT or not much easier. Here are the top 10 career opportunities after PGDT.


Top 10 Career Opportunities After PGDT Degree:

One of the main advantages of a PGDT course is that it gives you a choice to pursue many career opportunities. However, here’s a list of the top 10 career opportunities after PGDT course that you should consider.


1. Accountant

An accountant is responsible for managing the account books of a company. They have to record all the transactions, prepare income statements, balance the books and file for taxes. This is a responsible profession that attracts people who are good with numbers and calculations. You can earn a good salary in this profession and more up to the position of accounts head.


2.Certified Public Accountant 

Most accountants work internally for a company, but a certified public accountant works for the public. Individuals can approach them for calculating and paying their taxes, and filing for returns. They can even give advice on investing your income and saving on taxes. CPAs are professionals who charge according to their will. Therefore, this profession has high earning potential.

3. Financial Accountant

 This position is a little different from an accountant. A financial accountant is required to go deep into the financial aspect of accounting. They have to keep track of all the financial transactions of a company. Their expertise is also utilised in the future financial planning of the company. A PGDT course provides a chance for you to get into this profession.


4. Auditor 

There are two types of auditors – internal and external. An internal auditor assesses the internal working, business, accounts and corporate governance of a company. An external auditor is a public auditor appointed to perform audits and checks for financial accuracies. Auditors make an excellent living this is a very respectable profession.

5. Financial Advisor 

Along with a few certifications added to your PGDT, you can become a financial advisor. Financial advisors need to have deep knowledge of the financial markets. You can advise individual clients on how to build their financial portfolio by making sound investments. They usually charge a percentage of the investment or a fee per consultation so this profession is a great way to earn money.


6. Tax Consultants

Tax consultants are professionals whom one consults regarding tax matters. Tax consultants will help you calculate your taxes accurately and guide you in investments that will help you save taxes and get rebates. Tax consultants are experts in the field and many people seek their professional services to ensure their taxes are paid. Since they are expert consultants, they also charge fees accordingly.


7. Tax Collector 

Also known as revenue officers, tax collectors work mostly for the government and their main job is to get individuals, and businesses to pay their outstanding taxes. Though the salary may not be high as the private sector, this is a government officer position that comes with all the government employee perks and job security.


8. Tax Manager 

For complex matters related to taxes, individuals and companies seek the services of a tax manager. Tax managers are experts that will help you in all matters related to taxes. They are also experts at handling different types of clientele. Therefore, one needs to have good people skills as well if they want to become a tax manager.


9. Chief Financial Officer 

The highest position a PGDT can get to, Chief Financial Officer, also known as CFO, is the one who looks after the financial health of a company. All money related departments like finance, accounting, etc. fall under the care of the CFO. Companies need the approval of the CFO for all major financial decisions. They also play an integral part in planning and developing business. It takes a lot of hard work and experience to reach the position of a CFO.


10. Wealth Manager

A wealth manager is an expert who guides you on how to manage and expand your wealth portfolio through sound investments. They also guide you on making investments to save taxes. The wealth manager position also needs you to have a few additional certifications from the Security & Exchanges Board of India as well. Wealth managers are some of the highest-paid professionals in the financial field.


In Summary

The above-stated professions are some of the best professions in the tax, finance and accounting industries that require a PGDT. Choose the profession that appeals to you the most and make a strong, fulfilling career.

To know more about other career choices or anything related to the highly-rated PGDT course, you can get in touch with our counsellors who are more than happy to guide you or call us at your earliest!

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