Scope and Career Opportunities after BBA in Computer Application Degree?

What is BBA Computer Application all about?

The world is being partially run by applications – either on our phones or our computer systems. They simplify complicated systems, control lengthy processes, reduce manual intervention and in short they make our lives easy. But how do these applications come into existence and who designs them.  There surely are a set of people who have the knowledge to create these apps, control them and put them to practical use. We are here going to understand how and where this knowledge is provided and what is its scope in its entirety.

The programme called BBA in Computer Application makes this possible. This course deals with the advanced application of computer science, how to tackle IT challenges, and working of the gadgets. BBA in CA is an undergraduate programme and is most suitable for students who are interested in the Information Technology sector. Students with a keen eye for programming languages, networking and data structure can also make a good career in this field.

Scope of BBA in Computer Application in India

Computer Application programs are required for creating a wide range of application software. This includes word processing, spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing and Windows operating systems. The BBA in CA degree provides knowledge about the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • Operating Systems
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Understanding of Organisational Behaviour
  • Database Management Systems
  • Application Development
  • Information Security &
  • Web Development.

The programme basically trains you in the nuances of Information Technology. The topics covered by colleges may vary but the core components remain essentially the same. The programme covers a number of specialisations.

  • Animation
  • Accounting Applications
  • Systems Analysis
  • Personal Information Management
  • Internet Technologies
  • Computer Graphics
  • Cyber Law

Who are eligible for this course? Who are eligible for the course?

All those who have completed Std XII can apply for the course. Students who have studied Commerce in their Class XII and had Computers are the main subjects will be better equipped for the programme. Some universities and colleges have their own entrance exams for shortlisting students.

The elective subjects that can be chosen as part of the program are:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Gaming & Animation
  • Computer Graphics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Mining

Let us take a look at the important subjects covered in BCA CA:

Software Development: This subject covers advanced topics like networking, database programming, web development and programming languages like Python, Java and COBOL.

Software engineering:  In this subject you learn about software development, designing and maintaining reliable software.

Multimedia Systems: In today’s world multimedia data plays an important role in modern research projects. This subject gives us a good understanding of how multimedia works, its systems, tools and network communication.

Artificial Intelligence: This is perhaps the most important aspect of IT in today’s world. It is one of the unique aspects of this program and also covers Machine Learning, Algorithms. Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in developing robots and various other innovations.

What are the Career Opportunities?

Once you have earned this degree you can be assured about finding jobs in various emerging sectors.

  • Information Technology: The BBA in CA degree is designed to train IT professionals. It teaches you the various advanced computer applications and how they help companies and the general public.
  • Defence: In the defence sector, candidates with this degree are appointed as Ground Duty Officer, Research Officer, Research Associate and Military Intelligence Specialist.
  • Education: A BBA graduate can build a career in teaching after pursuing a B.Ed course. They can apply for teaching jobs in both higher secondary schools and colleges. A BBA graduate should have 50% marks to be able to pursue the B.Ed course.
  • Banking: In the banking sector, a BBA student can land jobs like the Financial Advisor, Loan Officer, Private Banker and Tax Assistant. The BBA programme includes topics like Business Statistics, Principles of Management, International Banking, Business Ethics and Values. This proves helpful in taking up jobs in the banking sector.


What jobs can I do with BBA in Computer Application Degree?

The BBA degree makes you eligible for jobs in a host of sectors. The roles usually involve technical functions, coding and developing of programmes for multiple applications. Below are some positions that BBA CA graduates usually start with.

Software Developer: They analyze the utility of an application and design it accordingly. They also recommend software upgrades for the existing programs and systems. They create models and diagrams and help programmers with software codes needed for an application.

Web Designer: A web designer understands the requirement of the clients and designs a website or a page accordingly. They have to create codes and programmes needed specifically for this purpose.

Technical Specialist: This role requires you to provide all kinds of technical support both to other departments as well as to customers. The job demands you to take care of the hardware and software involved in running the processes.

3D Animation / Graphic Designer: They are usually associated with publications and establishments providing services like designing logos, illustrations, infographics and layouts. They are required to understand the purpose of the material and design it as per the requirements and specifications.

Database Expert: This profile mainly has to do with the data stored in an establishment’s systems. They keep the data secure and segregated. They also help in retrieving data, running tests on database systems and debugging database issues.

Hardware Expert: They design, develop and test hardware. They also address issues arising from various aspects of the hardware and come up with solutions. These experts have the knowledge to understand the hardware requirements of any company.

System Analyst: They analyse the health of the systems, whether they are in coordination with the hardware and if they are updated as per the requirements. They check the security status of the systems particularly if the establishment deals with finances and confidential information.

Research Assistant: They conduct the research required to develop software or systems required for running the processes of the company. This expert makes sure that the research meets the different requirements and is as per the latest industry regulations.


What Salary will I Get After BBA in Computer Application Degree?

According to industry estimates, a BBA in Computer Applications will make you eligible for an average starting salary of Rs 3 lakh to Rs 4 lakh per annum. Some senior positions like that of a System Manager and a Network Administrator can fetch you an average salary of Rs 8 lakh to Rs 9 lakh pa. One of the higher-paying jobs in this category is the Software Architect with an average salary of Rs 15-20 lakh per annum.


A BBA degree in Computer Application may now appear to be an intelligent or attractive option for many of you with a keen interest in Computers, Applications and Web Designing. While this is indeed a good career option it has been noticed that this degree should ideally be obtained from an institution that is well-equipped both in terms of faculty and infrastructure. The curriculum should be updated to be in sync with the industry and the institution should be able to provide you with all placement support.

Where should you apply?

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