Top 8 Benefits of Doing M.Sc. in Computer Science

Why Choose M.Sc. in Computer Science

You have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. But you realize that although you have gained basic knowledge about computers and their applications you still need a lot of advanced and practical knowledge about Computers. This is essential to secure senior positions in this field and to do research in the same. A Master’s degree is a good way to gain expert knowledge in the same. This also opens up a lot of job opportunities that secure your future and help you take home a higher package.

An MSc. in Computer Science also makes you eligible for teaching positions in colleges and institutions providing higher education. One can also opt for conducting research in this field. This degree assures you a stable job opportunity in the field of computer software.

In this blog, we will explore the career opportunities for students with this degree, the job positions, the salary structure and the growth path.

Top Reasons to Pursue an M.Sc. Computer Science

According to industry experts, a significant number of scientists, technical experts, IT professionals and data analysts depend on advanced know computer knowledge. Most of these opportunities are related to STEM and therefore provide in-depth knowledge in each of these fields namely Mathematics, Technology, Engineering and Science. It often happens that computer science graduates who have found internships in computer science also provide them with practical knowledge. However, in order to grow in your career, you must have the requisite knowledge. So they take a break from their professional commitments and enrol for the Master’s course. Let us explore some of the reasons in detail.

Financially rewarding: These candidates have some of the best paying jobs in the computer science industry. According to Payscale, the average salary of a software engineer is around $97K. While this is among the lowest, a senior software engineer or a principal software engineer draws around $142K on average yearly.

Work in an ever-evolving industry: The computer science industry is projected to grow at 22% between 2020 and 2030. According to industry experts, this rate is faster than the average of all other occupations. All technological advancements need a good amount of research into computer technology and therefore it corresponds to growth in this sector too.  The increasing need for data collection requires the hiring of more data scientists. Computer and research scientists are also sought after in today’s times because of the interdependency on technological advancements and interventions. Another area where computer experts are making a mark is cyber security. This sector is also seeing great potential for cyber experts as cyberattacks have become quite common and software engineers and analysts are required to devise ways to minimize these threats. They create new programming languages for this purpose.

Several job opportunities: The computer science industry has a number of excellent career opportunities that ensure a good salary and ample scope for growth. Let us look at some of the key job positions:

Information Security Analyst – This job entails protecting information and coming up with ways to securely deal with technological advancements.

Computer Systems Analyst – They design software and systems as per the requirements of individual companies. They also maintain and analyze the health of the software systems.

Software Developer – They develop software programmes and applications. This profile is projected to grow by over 20% in the next decade.

Web Developer – They design websites and web pages for new organizations and businesses. There is a constant demand for web developers because businesses are always expanding and there is a demand to revamp systems and business interfaces.

Ability to specialize: We have seen in the above section the varied kind of roles that this degree enables you to take up. Similarly, there are many specializations that one can choose to study to increase the number of job opportunities.

  1. Artificial Intelligence: It is AI that enables machines to enable computers to work as per human intelligence. This includes visual perception, voice recognition, cognitive decision making and several other related functions.
  2. Machine Learning: This involves using algorithms to make predictions using data and based on pattern recognition. Machine Learning is deployed in various spheres – business development, politics, economics and healthcare.
  3. Data Science: This is all about information and number crunching. You are practically trying to figure what a particular set of data means and how it can influence various decisions and solutions. Data scientists are required in various fields and are always in demand.
  4. Other branches of specialization: Some other avenues of specialization in the field of computer science includes cloud computing, cyber security, software engineering and human-computer interaction.

Preparation for a PhD: A Computer Science degree gives you the opportunity to build knowledge, education and experience for doing a PhD. A Master’s degree in Computer Science is preferred to do a PhD.

Opens avenues in the teaching field: A Master’s in Computer Science makes you eligible for teaching jobs both in high schools and colleges. You will need to have a B.Ed degree to take up the teaching jobs.

What does a Master’s in Computer Science teach you? The programme is designed to help students develop computational and critical thinking and how to use new technologies. In order to make you prepared for the occupational responsibilities, the programme deals with

  • Computing & Data Analysis
  • Computer Security
  • Robotics
  • Ethical issues of computing
  • Algorithmic problem-solving
  • Programming & Game Design
  • Web Designing.

What is the utility of computer science in our daily lives?

Information Technology: For designing software, hardware systems and mobile communication services.

Manufacturing: Designing software products like applications and web pages.

Healthcare: In techniques like DNA sequencing, complicated operations using AI.

Retail: Analysing trends and predicting customer habits using data.

Weather forecasting: Developing means to read and forecast weather conditions.


A Computer Science degree is an exciting world that can build a connection between humans and machines. Although it sounds like a fictional account it is true to a large extent because computer science does have the power to achieve what is otherwise unattainable through other branches of study.

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