A Guide to B.Sc. Course: Eligibility, Admission, Fees, Scope, Career, Subjects & More!

All About B.Sc Course

What is Bachelor of Science? 

Considered to be the most popular undergraduate course, the Bachelor of Science or BSc degree is the degree students who have done their 12th standard in the science stream choose. This is a degree that even many parents prefer their children doing as it opens many career opportunities, especially technical careers with high salary and growth opportunities.

The B.Sc. degree is offered by almost every university in the country. During your 12th, you must have chosen subjects like PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) or PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology). These subjects will influence your career path. PCM students go for technical careers, whereas PCB students make careers in natural sciences.

Doing your 12th in science does not necessarily mean you have to do B.Sc. However, if you are considering doing B.Sc., you should know everything about the subject, eligibility, future scope, admission, duration, fees and more. The following information will illuminate you on all that you need to know about B.Sc. and will help you make an informed decision about your career.


B.Sc Course Highlights

  • Full Form – Bachelor of Science
  • B.Sc Course Level – Bachelor Degree
  • B.Sc Duration – 3 Years
  • B.Sc Eligibility – Minimum aggregate of 50% in 10+2
  • Admission Process – Entrance exam based/ Merit-based
  • B.Sc Average Course Fee – Fees for B.Sc. range between INR 30,000 to INR 4 lakhs
  • B.Sc Examination Type – Semester
  • B.Sc Average Starting Salary – INR 15,000 to INR 30,000 Monthly


Why Should You Join B.Sc Course?

This is the first question every student should ask themselves. Why? Once a student why he or she wants to do B.Sc. the rest will become easy. However, 12th pass students are not expected to get the answer right away.

Here Are Some Key Benefits Of Having A B.Sc. Degree:

1. Career Options

For a long time, B.Sc. has been considered as the best discipline to choose if you want to have a lot of career options. From technical professions to careers in natural sciences, you have the freedom to make a career in a field that you like. The career options you get with B.Sc. are unmatched by any other stream.

2. Earning Potential

Science graduates make an excellent living. They are some of the highest-paid professionals, who also get additional benefits and ample opportunities to earn promotions and grow. This is one of the biggest reasons why many students choose B.Sc. over others.

3. Respected Profession

Many science-related professions are respected and revered in society. The most common examples are doctors and engineers. These professions are highly respected and Indian doctors and engineers are high in demand in Western and developed Asian countries.

4. Further Education

B.Sc. graduates go on to study further. Many go on to study for masters’ degree, postgraduate diplomas and Ph.D. degrees. This considerably increases their expertise, increasing their earning potential and employment opportunities. Therefore, students who want to study further, B.Sc., could be the right choice.

5. Change the World

Though, most disciplines play their part in changing and shaping the world for the better, B.Sc. does more so. Science and technology have a faster and direct impact on the world. So, if you have hopes of making a difference, it could be the reason for you to choose B.Sc.

To know in detail about the reasons to choose B.Sc., read the following blog Top 5 Reasons to Study B.Sc.

Future Scope of B.Sc. in India

There is a lot of scope for the future for B.Sc. graduates. Many industries need the expertise of B.Sc. graduates. Therefore, if you have decided to make a career in B.Sc., you have made a good choice. There are many fields you can choose to go into that will lead to a fulfilling career.

Another advantage with B.Sc. is that nowadays, students can also pick multiple specialisations that allow them to pursue a specific career or field without compromising their love for science. This has allowed many different career paths to come which are creatively satisfying and also get the students a good salary.

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B.Sc. Course Duration

Just like any other undergraduate course in India, B.Sc. also requires 3 years to finish. However, if you are doing B.Sc. L.L.B., or M.B.B.S. it will take you 5 years to finish the degree, not including the mandatory internships that have to be done in such a professional degree course.


B.Sc. Course Fees in India

The fees for pursuing B.Sc. in India are subjective to many factors. It will differ from college to college and university to university. Government aided college and private college will also have a different fee structure. However, here are some average figures that will give you an idea of what fees to expect. Recent studies show that the fees for B.Sc. range between INR 30,000 to INR 4 lakhs.


B.Sc. Course Eligibility Criteria in India

Before you think about doing B.Sc. you have to look whether you are eligible or not to pursue this discipline of education. Here are the criteria you should fit in:-

  • 12th standard pass in Science from a recognised board of education.
  • 12th standard pass in other streams like Arts and Commerce may also switch. but it is up to the university and college to allow this change and grant the student admission.

B.Sc. Admission Process in India

The admission process for B.Sc. might differ from state to state, but the differences are quite minute and the overall procedure remains the same.

  • You have to fill the university form online and attach the relevant documents along with the form.
  • You have to provide colleges of preference based on your 12th standard percentage and proximity.
  • You will be allotted a college by the university, where you can go and take admission.
  • If you want another college, you will have to wait for university admissions to get over, post which you can directly approach a private college. However, there are no guarantees of getting admission this way.
  • Some private colleges may require you to sit for an entrance exam for the specialised B.Sc. course.


Salary After B.Sc. In India

The salary you get as a B.Sc. graduate is dependent on many factors, the most important being the industry you are working in. Additional courses, postgraduate courses, and PhDs also greatly impact the salary you will get. However, here’s an average figure you can expect. The average salary for a B.Sc. graduate range between INR 15,000 to INR 30,000. Of course, with experience and advancement in position, your salary gets better.


B.Sc. Specializations in India

  • B.Sc. Computer Science – Many students, who are interested in computer programming, get into B.Sc. Computer Science. This is an excellent degree to make a career in the Information Technology industry of the country.
  • BBA Computer Application – A BBA in Computer Application is also known as a BCA degree. Along with developing computer applications, there’s a strong management aspect involved with this degree.
  • B.Sc. Law – Better known as B.Sc. LLB, this is the degree you go for when you want to become a lawyer. Your background in science can help you a lot if you want to specialise in Cyber Law, Criminal Law, Forensic Law, etc.
  • B.Sc. Animation – Animation is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. You can make a career in this industry if you are a creative artist and adept at using computers. This is fast becoming a popular specialisation.
  • B.Sc. Aviation – There are thousands of jobs in the aviation industry. From technicians to commercial pilots, with a B.Sc.in Aviation, you can become a part of the nation’s growing aviation industry.

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B.Sc. Syllabus And Subjects In India

B.Sc. covers all the science and technology related subjects. However, it starts getting different after you choose a specialisation. This again differs according to your college and specialisation. Here are a few generic subjects from the B.Sc. syllabus that you can expect.

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Statistics
  • Home Science
  • Computers
  • English


Career & Job Opportunities After B.Sc. In India

  • Engineer – Many students who chose B.Sc. with the PCM subjects make a career in engineering. It will take you 3-5 years to become an engineer based on your degree course. There’s immense scope for engineering students as India is the world’s engineering hub.
  • Doctor – Possibly the most respected profession, this is one of the most sought-after career paths, especially in India. A doctor can earn a lot of money, whilst serving the common people.
  • Management – B.Sc. students can also get into the management aspect of an organisation with the right specialisation during graduation. The salary and growth opportunities are always great on the management side of any business.
  • Scientist – India is being developed as a research & development hub. For this, we need scientists. Scientists are well-respected in the community and also earn a good living. This is a great career choice.
  • Physiotherapist – In India, physiotherapy is still quite new, but people have realised its importance. You can now do specialised courses and make a great career as a physiotherapist.


B.Sc. Top Recruiters In India

As mentioned before, B.Sc. graduates find jobs easily. They are highly sought after in the job market. Many recruiters specifically hire B.Sc. graduates. Let’s have a look who these recruiters are:-

  • Cipla
  • IBM
  • Britannia Industries
  • HDFC Bank
  • Aditya Birla Group


PG Courses & Further Education After B.Sc

Many students don’t just stop at B.Sc. They like to study further in the field of their expertise and gain a masters’ degree or do a related postgraduate degree. People who want to become scientists go for PhDs. B.Sc. graduates can also enrol in management courses. This will give them an advantage when they are applying for jobs in companies based on science and technology.


In Summary

 B.Sc. is an excellent degree to pursue if you like science and mathematics. As mentioned above, the future is bright full of many opportunities for B.Sc. students. One more advice for the students would be to be sure of the specialisations they will go for as they will have to make a career in a field related to those specialisations.


If you want more information on B.Sc. program, you can explore our programs section or get in touch with our counsellors, who can guide on everything related to B.Sc. course.

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