What is the Future Scope of BSC Degree in India & Abroad

Future Scope of BSc Degree

Future Scope of BSC Degree

Bachelor of Science, or BSC, has always been a popular degree. This degree is a great stepping stone towards many careers, and this is one of the biggest reasons why BSC has such scope in India. Of course, many parents push their children towards BSC, but the reality is that BSC really does open doors towards the best careers. And students who are serious about careers don’t need their parents to know that BSC is the right degree to have.

In the past decade, the field of science has seen a resurgence. Newer fields, industries have come, which has renewed interests of students in this field. Now, a BSC degree is more than the degree you had to do to become a doctor or engineer. Students are doing BSC for the new career options they have, and simply for the love of science. The future looks great for this amazing subject that affects the quality of human life and will continue to do so for a long time.

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Future Scope of BSC Degree in India 

The BSC degree has always found many takers in India. From students to employers, there has mostly been a good demand for BSC graduates. However, there was a dip in the student enrolment a few years ago, but there has been a significant resurgence. That’s mostly because of the future scope for the degree.

Here are some important reasons why, and some emerging trends that illuminate the future scope of the BSC degree in India.

1. Increased Importance

We are living in a world where the importance of science is increasing by the day. This is not just in education, but there is an increased need for science in the professional world as well.

  • Science affects everyday life. We are seeing many new inventions and innovations that are making our lives better.
  • Science-based industries are flourishing in India. Some of the biggest biotech, chemicals, engineering, and technology companies are doing well.
  • Thanks to the increased quality of education that is now on par with international standards, science is getting its due importance.


2. Biggest Population of BSC graduates –

India was once a nation with one of the biggest populations of BSC graduates. We are back on track for this title.

  • Compared to commerce and arts, science has always had more career options available to the students. Hence, the popularity.
  • India is an educationally inclined country, and science was believed to be a superior stream of education compared to others.
  • India’s most popular professions, doctor and engineer, require science. Although, more and more BSC graduates are choosing other specialised careers, which is a good thing.


3. Research & Development –

Research & development were never the country’s strong points but that is changing. India is now developing itself to become a primary R&D hub for the world.

  • India has always had the manpower, but the country also has the will to develop itself into a primary R&D hub.
  • The government is promoting R&D in the country with favourable laws, rules, and regulations, and even financial help for promoting R&D.
  • The private sector of the country is thriving in the R&D field and is employing BSC graduates to develop this field.


4. Thriving Medical Field –

The medical field has always been one of our strong points, and its scope is only getting better with the improvement in education and technology. The importance of the medical field will push the scope of science in India.

  • India is known as the biggest supplier of doctors and nurses in the world. The number of Indian medical professionals in the Western World and the Middle East.
  • India is also known as the country that produces the best medicines in the world at the cheapest prices. This industry is growing thanks to BSC graduates.
  • R&D is also fuelling the medical technology industry in the country, and soon, this industry will become a huge employer of BSC degree graduates.


5. Importance of Technology –

To say that we are living in the age of technology is actually an understatement. The things that are not possible with technology were unimaginable just a few years ago. BSC degree graduates of the country are going to contribute to this industry in a big way.

  • Technology inventions and innovations are being encouraged and fuelled not just by the education industry, but also the government.
  • Technology has made headway into every industry, meaning, science is now a part of the industry in India and the world.
  • A large number of BSC graduates have realised the importance of technology, and are working in the growing tech industry of India.



Future Scope of B.SC Degree Abroad 

The BSC degree also has a lot of value abroad. The Western world and a few Asian countries are more advanced and are in need of people in the sciences to keep developing. Even in developing and third-world countries, there is a huge requirement for science graduates. India has the potential to fulfil this need around the world. BSC graduates abroad make a good living with a high salary and benefits.

Here are some factors that are boosting the scope of the BSC degree abroad.

1. Demand for Science Grads –

As mentioned before, there is a need for BSC graduates in the industries across the world, especially in countries where a college education is expensive and the popularity of science studies has gone down.

  • Western, Asian and a few Middle Eastern countries are at the forefront of the demand for BSC graduates.
  • There are many jobs abroad that need candidates to have a BSC degree, and Indians seem to be fulfilling this need.
  • Many BSC grads also get a chance to study in foreign universities through scholarships for higher education.


2. Demand for Doctors & Engineers –

Two of the biggest professions that are high in demand abroad are doctors and engineers.

  • In the United States of America, there are many doctors who have migrated from India.
  • Indian nurses are also in high demand, but their demand is all over the world in countries like the US, UK, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc.
  • India engineers are considered to be some of the most talented minds in the industry, hence, many international companies hire Indian engineers.


3. Artificial Intelligence –

This is the future. AI is going to be a part of many industries and take over many tasks to reduce costs and human error. The AI industry is growing at a massive pace, and BSC grads are the people who are fuelling this industry.

  • In 2019, the AI industry saw a growth of 150% percent, which is a staggering numbers for any industry. Therefore, there is a need for science grads in the industry.
  • So far, 23% of businesses have incorporated the use of AI in their products and services, and this number is consistently growing.
  • Indian BSC graduates and engineers are finding jobs in the AI industry across the world.


4. Increasing Specialised Industries –

There was a time when there were only a few industries, but now the scenario has changed. There are many science-based specialised industries across the world that are growing and expanding.

  • The Information technology industry is now one of the biggest industries in the world, and India is considered to be the biggest supplier of talent in this industry.
  • Biotechnology is one of the fastest rising industries in the world. Most companies in this industry are faring well, and are hiring BSC graduates.
  • Environmental technology has gained even more importance after the Paris Accords. Environmental technology could be the industry to save the world.


5. Fight Climate Change –

Climate change is real, and it is affecting industries and businesses across the world. Governments of the world have also woken up and have realised this threat. The Paris Accords have been signed by most countries. They have all committed to reducing carbon emissions.

  • Science grads are the people at the forefront of the fight against climate change. They are developing newer technologies to reduce carbon emissions.
  • There is pressure on most industries to reduce carbon emissions, and they are hiring science, technology, and engineering experts to do this.
  • The electric car industry is one of the best examples of the fight against climate change. Scientists and engineers are the ones who have developed the modern electric cars that have zero emissions. This industry is growing immensely across the world, and soon, electric cars will replace cars that run on fossil fuels.


Key Takeaway

The BSC degree continues to be one of the tops of the list of students considering courses after 12th. With the world developing at a fast pace, science and technology will gain even more importance in the coming days. There will be a need for talented professionals, not just in India, but also abroad.

The modern BSC degree course is far more advanced and on par with international standards. So, if you love science, engineering or technology, the BSC degree is something you have to consider seriously. You can make a great career in this field in India or abroad, and earn an excellent living.


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