Career Opportunities After B Sc

The B.Sc. degree is hard, but its popularity seems to grow each year and one of the biggest reasons for this is the innumerable career opportunities it brings along. There were usually only two paths after getting a B.Sc. You either pursued a career based upon the natural sciences or pursue a career based upon mathematics and technology. However, things are quite different today and a B.Sc. degree creates many pathways to different careers. Students have the liberty to pursue what they want and make a successful career. However, if you are still not sure what career to pursue, here are the top 8 career opportunities after B.Sc. degree. These careers come with a good salary and benefits

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Top 8 Career Opportunities After B.Sc. Degree

The careers you opt for also depend upon your specializations in the B.Sc. degree. However, here are some careers based on popularity, salary and growth potential. You can consider them after completing your B.Sc. degree.

1. Scientist

If you have a thirst for knowledge and want to know how life and this world work, you can become a scientist. Scientists are changing the world every day and finding out new things, making discoveries that will impact all of humanity. A scientist is a noble profession and you need to love what you do. It is also a great career where you can make a good living. You can become a scientist is the specialized subjects you choose during B.Sc. Plus, you will need to study more, and possibly get a doctorate.

2. Researcher

Research and development is the driving force behind innovation. Therefore, there’s a constant need for talented and qualified researchers in all fields. With a B.Sc. degree you can work in a science-related field as a researcher. Most researchers are hired by big companies, so you can expect good pay and benefits along with the job. This profession may require you to work on-field or off-field depending on what you research.

3. Professor

With a few additional qualifications, you can get a job as a professor or lecturer. Professors get a high salary and benefits, but that is also dependent on the college or university they work for. However, most colleges and universities pay their professors well. Many professors and lecturers also work freelance and provide their services to multiple colleges and universities. Along with these perks, as a professor or lecturer, you also get an opportunity to teach the future generation and shape young minds.

4. Forensics

Forensics is the use of science, technology, and its different applications to prevent and solve crimes. Forensics is still in the nascent stages in India, so now is the right time to make a great career and be at the top of your profession. You could find a job in the crime labs of different police departments. Many private crime labs also work with different police departments and private investigators. Forensic experts make a good living and also a difference to society.

5. Computer Programmer

Computer programmers easily find employment across a wide spectrum of tech-based industries. With a B.Sc. degree and some additional qualifications in a programming language, you can find a cushy, high-paying job. Many computer programmers go on to start their own tech-based successful companies. Some of the top billionaires in the world were once computer programmers.

6. Technical Writer

Ever wondered who writes all the informative technical information we find online, or in brochures and manuals? This information and more, is written by technical writers. This is a specialized position that requires people who have the technical knowledge and qualifications like B.Sc. Tech writers can also find instructional designers. Many international companies outsource their tech writing needs to India, so there is a huge demand for technical writers. The salary scale is also one of the best in the writing industry.

7. Pharmacist

India is the pharmaceutical hub of the world, and is home to some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. With a B.Sc. in pharmacy, you can get a job as a pharmacist in any of the big pharmacy companies. You can work in research and development or manufacturing. Pharmacy is the only recession-proof industry. Therefore, finding a stable, high-paying career here makes sense. With a B.Sc. degree, you can also find the world as a medical or pharmaceutical representative.

8. Nursing

If you are looking to find a job in a foreign country, you can consider doing nursing. Unlike in India, where nursing is still mainly considered to be a female-oriented profession, nursing in foreign countries have equal participation from both genders. Nurses make an excellent living and are some of the highest-paid professionals. They also get many medical benefits.

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Key Takeaway

The above-mentioned are just some of the popular professions available to B.Sc. degree holders. There are many other professions you can look into. One piece of advice you should follow is that choose a profession that interests you the most. After all, you are going to be doing it for a long time. Also, feel free to do more degrees, diplomas or courses that will help you become a better professional.

If you want to know more about all that you can do with a B.Sc. degree, you can get in touch with our counselors who will guide you well.

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