Graduates In International Business (IB)? Here Are Career & Jobs Opportunities for You

Career Opportunities After International Business (IB)

Having a Degree in International Business?

The Post Graduate Diploma in International Business is one of the best courses to do after graduation. It is all about international business, and it opens doors for you to have a career in multinational corporations, international banks, and international trading companies. In such companies, you get excellent salary packages, opportunities to advance and even travel the world. No wonder the popularity of the degree is increasing and many students are now opting for it over other postgraduate courses.

PGDIB is a course that also teaches you many things and creates many opportunities for you. Professionals with international business knowledge are always preferred over other candidates. The business world is becoming globalised with many companies actually setting up bases in almost every important and profitable market in the world. As economies grow, the options also grow for graduates in PGDIB.

So, what are the options for PGDIB graduates? This is what matters the most. This is a degree course that also allows you to be a part of different industries and work in many different capacities. Therefore, before you choose to do this degree, you should also know about the different careers that are available to you. In the following section, you will find information on the various careers you can make with a PGDIB, their roles & responsibilities, and the expected salary.

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10 Jobs Opportunities for International Business Graduates

International business is not just about doing business in a different country and a different market. There are so many things involved that the situation demanded a need for professionals to not only understand international business but also be experts in getting the work done. There are many areas for international business, meaning, there are also many different job opportunities for PGDIB graduates.

Here are top 10 career options for graduates in international business:

1. International Marketing Manager

– The international marketing manager is the professional in charge of creating and executing marketing strategies for the international markets. You have to also have a deep understanding of various markets, and ensure that you are marketing your company’s product and services to the right people. You have to get your products and services to penetrate the market and establish the brand.

International marketing managers play a huge role in the success of a company’s foray into an international market. Therefore, they are also paid according to the importance of their position. The average salary ranges between INR 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs. Plus, marketing professionals also have perks like a commission.


2. International Product Manager

– An international product manager is completely in charge of the products and services that are marketed internationally. Different markets have different standards for the quality of the product. Some markets even have stringent standards of the packaging of the product. Therefore, it is the job of the international product manager to ensure products, packaging and other quality requirements are up to speed according to the international market.

International product managers play an important role in the success of the products. They need to have deep knowledge of laws and standards of international markets. Therefore, such an expert position attracts a good salary. Currently, the salary ranges from INR 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs.


3. Finance Analyst

– International markets behave differently, and yet they are connected. It is quite a complex structure and the job of an international financial analyst is to know about all these markets and make reports for investments in these markets. They have to analyse deep and provide information and predictive models for various markets for their company to invest money in.

Financial analysts have to be good with numbers along with good observational skills. You need to be good to survive in this competitive profile. Currently, the financial analyst position attracts a salary in between INR 3 lakhs to 9 lakhs. They also make big commissions. 


4. Business Development Manager

– The business development manager is the one responsible for bringing in more business on an international scale. For this, they have to know the markets well, make relevant connections and make plans accordingly. This is quite an important position as the business development manager is the one who ensures growth and development, and has to work closely with marketing and sales teams working in the international markets.

Along with good commissions, business development managers get a salary ranging in between INR 3 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs. There are also many opportunities to grow and become part of senior management.


5. Research Analyst

– To be able to succeed in an international market, companies need to have information on the markets. This information needs to showcase the opportunities and risks in the market. And this is where the services of a research analyst come into play. They have to research international markets, products, rules & regulations, competitors and more and provide reports for their companies to foray into international markets.

Research analysts play an important role in international business. Companies will have to face a lot of risk without their work. Therefore, they are paid accordingly. They get an average salary in the range of INR 3 lakhs to 9 lakhs.


6. Logistics Manager

– Logistics is already a tedious thing to manage. Now imagine doing it on an international scale. This difficult yet rewarding task is the job of the logistics manager. They have to figure out the logistics involved in product supply, resource supply, deliveries, etc. in different countries. The challenge is that rules and regulations, and logistical challenges are different in each country. The logistics manager needs to know about them and ensure everything delivered from suppliers to customers on time.

As mentioned before, the logistics manager is one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs in international business. Their annual salary lies in between INR 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs, along with opportunities for commissions.


7. International Supply Chain Manager

– Companies dealing in goods and products need to have good international supply chain managers. They are the ones who have to figure out the logistics and ensure a smooth operation from procurement and production to packaging and supplying. And since this is being done on an international scale, the task is that much harder. But the international supply chain manager is up to the task.

International supply chain managers are high in demand in companies conducting international product supply. They make a handsome salary that ranges between INR 4 lakhs to 15 lakhs.


8. Human Resources Manager

– In international business, there are many staffing challenges. Therefore, you need a good human resources manager. They are in charge of hiring the best staff in different locations in the country. They also have to know the labour laws of those countries and ensure the operations are in accordance with the labour laws of the land. They also have to ensure the staff is happy, and be the communication bridge between the various departments spread all over the world.

Human resources management is very important, especially in a business that is spread across many locations all over the world. Therefore, human resources managers make a salary in the range between INR 4 lakhs to 15 lakhs.


9. Business Analytics Manager

– In international business operations, business analytics play a huge role. When a business is operating in a new market, they have to negate all the risks and make the right decisions. The business analytics manager is the person who uses technology and analytics software, industry information, statistics, and other data to present reports and findings based on whom the senior management can make decisions about that particular international market.

The business analytics manager is a specialised position. You need to have great analytical and predictive skills along with technical skills to understand and use analytics software. In this position, you can expect a salary ranging in between INR 8 lakhs to 20 lakhs.


10. International Brand Manager

– When a business is international, branding matters a lot, especially when the business is entering a new market. If the company’s brand name is recognised and trusted, they will save a lot of money on marketing and its product and services will get a market share a lot quicker. This is the power of branding. The international brand manager is the person in charge of all international branding activities. They have to create a positive perception and online reputation of the brand. They have to indulge in and arrange for many activities and work with creative people.

International branding managers are some of the highest-paid professionals because their job is quite demanding. They make an average salary ranging from INR 5 lakhs to 18 lakhs.


Future Scope of Degree in International Business

The future is bright for PGDIB graduates, especially in a country like India. We are one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, which attracts many companies to the country. We also have many home-grown businesses that are going international. Plus, with a large population, consumption is high and is the potential to provide skilled labour. Therefore, you will almost every day come across news of international companies shifting operations to India, or an Indian company going international. All this news is good news for PGDIB graduates.

PGDIB graduates are in high demand from multinational companies, international trade companies, investment banks and companies that are going to become international. Also, these companies pay really well. Plus, international exposure will work wonders for one’s career. Therefore, one can confidently say that the future is very bright for a degree in international business.

Key Takeaway

There are many careers for PGDIB graduates. Therefore, whatever field you are inclined to in international business, you can get a good job that pays high quite easily. You will also get opportunities to travel abroad and meet new people. The above-stated careers are quite interesting, and you will never get bored working in a challenging atmosphere like an international business.

The Post Graduate Diploma in International Business is one of the most interesting and professional courses you can do after graduation. Therefore, if you are interested to know more about the scope, potential and the different careers available, get in touch with us today. We will guide you in the right direction.

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