A PGDIB Course Guide: Things You Must Know About Post Graduate Diploma In International Business

A PGDIB Course Guide - All You Need To Know

What is Post Graduate Diploma in International Business (PGDIB) Course?

The Post Graduate Diploma in International Business (PGDIB) is a postgraduate degree for students and professionals who want to learn international business. Globalisation is a reality, and will only increase in the upcoming years. There will be many multinational companies in the world with business spreads across many. Such companies need the service of professionals who understand international business, and the PGDIB is the right course for students and professionals to get into international business.

The course is designed to turn students into industry professionals. It is a 2-year diploma course that aims to build a foundation in international business through specialised subjects of the field. The global economy is a completely different ball game, and hence, the course has been customised to be different from other postgraduate courses to prepare students to meet the standards and demands on international business.

So, if you are considering doing this course, down below in the blog, you will find all the information you need regarding PGDIB. From the eligibility of the course to companies that hire PGDIB graduates, you will have in-depth information that will help you decide if you want to pursue this course for your post-graduation.


 PGDIB: Course Highlights

PGDIB Full Form  Post Graduate Diploma in International Business.
PGDIB Course Level This course can be done only after getting a bachelor’s degree as it a postgraduate level course.
PGDIB Course Duration  PGDIB is a 2-year Diploma course.
PGDIB Course Eligibility You need to have a bachelor’s degree. Colleges prefer management graduates, but graduates from other disciplines are also accepted.

Some institutes require candidates to have work experience.

PGDIB Course Fee The average fee for PGDIB ranges in between INR 50,000/- to 3 lakhs.
PGDIB Examination Type Most colleges and universities follow the semester pattern for PGDIB.
PGDIB Course Admission Most colleges and universities require you to clear entrance exams.

You also need to have a certain amount of percentage in your graduation.

Some courses need you to have work experience as well.

Average Salary After PGDIB Course
The average salary for PGDIB graduates ranges between INR 25,000/- to 4 lakhs.
Recruiting Companies McKinsey & Company, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Accenture, Microsoft Corporation, Deutsche Bank


PPGDIB Course Duration

A postgraduate degree course’s duration matters a lot. Students already have put in close to 3-4 years for their graduation. Therefore, they prefer postgraduate courses that are not too long, as they are eager to start their career. The PGDIB degree course is only a 2-year course divided into 4 semesters. Regarding education, it is quite a concentrated course, meaning, the students learn a lot in these 4 semesters and are well-prepared to be a part of international companies.


PGDIB Course Eligibility Criteria

Before you prepare for the course, you need to know about the eligibility criteria. Since PGDIB is quite different from other postgraduate courses, the criteria is also a little different.

You need to have the following qualifications to be able to do a PGDIB course. 

  • You need to have a bachelor’s degree from a government recognised university or institute.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any of the management streams is preferred but most institutes allow students from other disciplines like commerce, science and arts as well.
  • Though the percentage figure differs from institute to institute, you need to have a certain amount of percentage in your bachelor’s degree.
  • Most institutes will require you to clear an entrance exam.
  • Some institutes also require you to have work experience in management.



PGDIB Course Admission Process

PGDIB course is not a very common course offered by all universities. This course is offered only by some of the top universities and institutes in the country. Therefore, the admission process is a little different from the other postgraduate courses. Here’s the process you will have to follow.

  • If the institute you are applying to requires an entrance exam, you have to apply for the exam by filling the online form, attaching the required documents, and paying fees. The next step is downloading the admit card, and attending the exam. You will get admission if you get the required percentile in the exam.
  • If admissions are granted on merit, all you need to do is provide your required documents, pay the fees, and secure your seat for PGDIB.
  • If the course requires you to have work experience, then along with your documents, you will also have to submit your work certificates as well.


PGDIB Course Fees

Fees are another factor that you have to consider before deciding to do the PGDIB course. Fees matter a lot as you also have to gauge if you are getting the right return on your investment. However, with the PGDIB course, you are surely going to be complete value for your investment. Currently, the fees range between INR 50,000/- to 3 lakhs. This figure may vary depending on the college.


PGDIB Course Syllabus

The PGDIB course is quite different from other postgraduate courses. Therefore, subjects are also quite different. They are mostly focussed on international business. Here are the subjects.

  • International Marketing & Management
  • Commercial laws & Overseas Marketing Research
  • Foreign Trade in India & Economics System
  • Export-Import Documentation & Procedures
  • Viva Voce & Field Visit Report


Salary after PGDIB Degree in India

Now coming to the most important information – expected salary. The PGDIB course is all about international business, and you will also find jobs in companies that have an international presence. Therefore, you can expect a good starting salary. Plus, in such companies, you can also expect a good amount of growth in positions and substantial growth in the salary amount. If you land a job overseas, you can also expect a handsome salary package. Currently, the average salary for PGDIB graduates ranges between INR 25,000/- to 4 lakhs.


PGDIB Course Scope in India

The PGDIB course is fast-gaining popularity in the country owing to India being a fast-developing country where many global players are now setting up base. Almost every major business from every major industry has a presence in India, and such companies give preference to PGDIB course graduates. They are the perfect candidates who will properly manage and grow international business. India is also the perfect location for trading companies with most international trading companies are setting up shop here. Therefore, one can confidently say that PGDIB has a lot of scope in India, and the influence is only going to grow.


Career or Jobs Opportunities After PGDIB Degree

This is what most students are interested in – the career and job opportunities after the PGDIB degree course. Here are the top 5 career options after PGDIB degree. These careers come with a good salary, and opportunities to grow.

1. International Marketing Manager –

This position requires you to market your company’s products and services internationally, resulting in a demand for the product. You need to have a deep knowledge of multiple international markets and make marketing strategies accordingly.

2. International Product Manager –

This position has everything to do with the product. The international product manager has to ensure the products being launched and sold are of the best qualities and meet the standards of the different international markets.

3. Financial Analyst –

Analysing the biggest financial markets in the world, and making investment strategies to invest in them and businesses in those markets is the main job of the financial analyst.

4. Business Developer Manager –

This position will require to bring in business, make growth and expansion plans and overlook all international marketing and sales practices. This is quite an important position.

5. Research Analyst –

Researching and analysing international markets, and ensuring the business strategies align with them is the main job of the research analyst. They also have to look out for their company’s and customer’s interests.

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How to Choose the Top PGDIB College

Once you have made the decision to pursue the PGDIB degree course, the next important step is to do it from the right college. Many colleges offer this course but it needs to be done from the right place for it to be beneficial to your career. Here are a few parameters you have to keep in mind while choosing a good PGDIB college for yourself.

1. Curriculum –

Take a close look at the curriculum of the PGDIB course provided by the college. Most colleges give access to this information. Make sure there is a right balance between theory and practical application. Also, most of the subjects should be heavily inclined towards international business, and everything related to it.

2. Faculty Reputation –

For an important discipline like international business, you need the expertise and guidance of excellent faculty who will make sure you understand the subjects and work hard. Check the credentials of the faculty and their experience.

3. Talk to Alumni –

You can also talk to alumni of the college. You can find these students through the alumni associations of ever through social media. They will be able to give you an honest account, and even tell you how their careers have been going.

4. Reviews & Ratings –

Just a simple search on a search engine will present a lot of information. Therefore, you can do a thorough search online and find reviews and ratings on the college. Don’t believe everything you find on the first page, go to the pages beyond and do a deep search. Social media is also a good place for reviews.

5. Placements –

And of course, the placements provided by the colleges matter a lot. This shows the kind of standing the college has in the education field and the quality of PGDIB graduates they produce. When it comes to a subject like international business, the right placement at the beginning can spell wonders for one’s career.


Top Companies Hiring PGDIB Graduates

Who wouldn’t want to work in some of the best companies in the market? Surely, you will also want to work in a good company because of your PGDIB course. Therefore, here are a few top companies in the world that hire the most PGDIB graduates.

1. McKinsey & Company –

Providing management services to the world, it only makes sense that McKinsey & Company hires managers who know international business.

2. Deloitte Consulting LLP –

Deloitte Consulting LLP provides professional services to many international companies. They have a strong presence in most developed and developing companies.

3. Accenture –

Accenture’s professional services are some of the most sought-after all over the world. Therefore, to manage this international demand, they hire a lot of international managers.

4. Microsoft Corporation –

With technology spreading all around the world, it is only natural that Microsoft also expands along with technology. They hire international business graduates to manage their massive international presence.

5. Deutsche Bank –

Their investment and financial services are highly sought after all over the world. They hire financial managers to manage high-profile international portfolios.


Benefits of Doing PGDIB Course

If you are still unsure about doing a PGDIB degree course after graduation, the following 5 benefits will help you decide. Here are those benefits.

1. International Career –

Yes, with the PGDIB degree, you will be on course to have an international career. You’ll travel to some of the best countries and meet new people.

2. Handsome Salary –

With the PGDIB, you are entitled to get a good salary in whatever company you join. This amount also grows quite a lot with experience.

3. Freedom of Choice –

One of the most lucrative benefits you get with a PGDIB is that you can choose which industry to work in. There are also many companies to choose from.

4. Education –

The PGDIB degree course has education on a completely different level. After the course, you will be a knowledgeable person in international business affairs.

5. Personality Development –

You will go through personality development in this course, as an international business manager, you need to be a strong, confident personality.




The PGDIB course is quite a different course from other postgraduate courses, as it makes you eligible to work in the international market, in multinational companies where performance expectations are high, and so are the rewards. Therefore, PGDIB is one of the best degree courses you can do that will give you an excellent career.

Another wonderful thing about the course is that it is offered by only the best universities and colleges, and it is not very expensive compared to other postgraduate courses. Now is the right time to do this course as Globalisation is the future.

To know more about the Post Graduate Diploma in International Business, you can get in touch with us. CSIT’s expert counsellors will guide you well, as we also provide PGDIB courses that are highly sought-after by students. Get in touch with us today!

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