Life At CSIT

Foreign students bring to our shores a fresh and diverse perspective. It is essential to learn from their outlook and understand how their countries face global challenges and handle business solutions.

Wisdom knows no borders and hence it becomes necessary to try and imbibe successful business practices, especially those that are latent in an evolving market like India. The exchange of information is both enlightening and mutually beneficial.

ASM’s IBMR has constantly strived to take pioneer efforts in providing that little bit extra to its students in an endeavor to produce global leaders. Leaders that are not limited in their vision.

Above all, foreign students bring along with them their customs and values, which make for an interesting dialogue with a country as diverse as India. The result is sheer magic.

Student’s Versatile Development Activities

Life at CSIT has been appreciated and enjoyed by CSIT Alumni. It is most dynamic, learning and value-adding and appreciated by current students too.

Students are always very  eager to share life@CSIT  to various social networking platforms like facebook, linkedin, twitter, Whatsapp etc.

Life at CSIT is a blend of academics, extra-curricular and leisure activities. A clutch of student clubs that are well supported by the institute gives students the opportunity to pursue hobbies of interest. In addition, activities such as cultural programs student fests, festivals, and national celebrations and inter-college events make life at CSIT truly colorful, enriching and enjoyable.

Various student Clubs are as follows

  • Events – To plan and organize various annual and seasonal events
  • Sports and Cultural – To organise regular sports and cultural activities
  • Corporate Relations – To plan and coordinate and network with corporate for strengthening Industry Interaction, Internship, Industry Visits and placement.
  • HR – To initiate activates related to HR like Mock Test & Interviews, Interview Skills Training, Resume Preparation and organizing HR meet, etc
  • Finance – To arrange Written Test for Finance students, training in various areas of Finance and mock trading and portfolio management.
  • Marketing – To arrange programs on selling & marketing skills, sessions on marketing and allied areas.
  • Editorial Board – To build content for in-house magazines and journals and publicize the same.

The training methodology is unique and includes

Most of the student activities are organized by student committees and these activities are planned and coordinated by students. All students will be part of one or the other committees as per their interest and each committee will plan for their activities keeping in mind the overall objectives of the student development agenda. Students through their exceptional abilities and leadership skills,  take up responsibilities and execute as per the results expected.

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